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Desk Response: Trevor McManus

Trevor McManus

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*Trevor McManus sits infront of his computer desk with his leather jacket and a set of black Armani sunglasses on. There is also a glass of water sitting on his computer desk. The TrevorMcManus.com logo is in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.*


Trevor: I've just finished listening to the announcement released on OCWFED.COM by one Mr Sensation regarding OCW's Road To The Gold tournament.


Trevor: Some of the things Mr Sensation said concern me.


Trevor: The tournament doesn't concern me.


Trevor: None of my opponents concern me.


Trevor: The rumble to eliminate the 9th man doesn't concern me.


*Trevor adjusts his sunglasses.*


Trevor: I can win the tournament.


Trevor: I can defeat all of the opponents and have defeated most of them.


Trevor: The rumble I will win. And I'm going to make it clear at this moment that if I do win said rumble on RIOT I will be eliminating the one man that has done nothing to deserve his place in that tournament.


Trevor: The man who has played politics and bought his way in to that tournament.


Trevor: The man thatcouldn't hold that belt for more then three hours should he win it.


Trevor: You've guessed it, doesn't take a genius, I'll be eliminating Leonheart.


*Trevor smiles and takes a sip of his water.*


Trevor: Now to my concerns. Mr Sensation accounced that after this tournament there would be a new hierarchy in OCW.


Trevor: And considering that when you look at the tournament, only myself and Leonheart have actually held the OCW Title on a previous occassion, the odds would suggest that there would be a new champion, a new leader and thusly a new hierarchy.


Trevor: However. I'm not just fighting for myself in this tournament. I'm not just fighting for the OCW Title.


Trevor: On RIOT the man they call Dupree made mention to the old days of OCW, the glory days of the past. He said that he could not bring them back, but all he could do was his best.


Trevor: Dupree's statement rings true for almost all the participants in this tournament. Most of them haven't even experienced the glory days first hand, but I have.


Trevor: So when I go in to that tournament, I'll not only be fighting for myself, but I'll be fighting for everyone that has come before me and doesn't want to see that title fall in to the hands of someone who isn't ready.


Trevor: I'll be fighting for everyone OCW fan that remembers the days of Majin and Guy Fausto and RD Money battling their way to the top before knocking off the giant to win that belt. And I'll be damned if I let some rookie who's barely been here five minutes walk in to a tournament and take that very same prize that so many people worked so damn hard to win!


Trevor: So in closing. Seven of you should prepare for an ass kicking and Leon, your ass better pray I don't win this rumble on Wednesday.

*The TrevorMcManus.com logo encompases the screen which then fades out.*

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[23:39] locoNY911: You get solace in the fact you arent a fuck up.


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[18:40] locoNY911: I mostly aggree with your statements

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I am very excited to see this tournament play out in one week. The brackets are going to be fucking crazy , good chance the BETA CAW Rules will be in effect. Depends on what the majority of the 8/9 think.
 15-06, 18:20 Tiberius Dupree make him tap with brownie mix


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Leon if you win the Title I'll be coming back for my belt.


So in the best interest of OCW I suggest you don't win. Or else the reign of darkness shall be at your feet and my shadow will once again cover all of OCW.


To whome ever fights Leon, you are fighting for all of OCW now.


If you fail......


You shall welcome a age plagued in hatred.

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