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I'm bound to have a 'Nigga Moment' if this thread doesn't get more that 2 pages of discussion!
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"You either die a hero or live long enough to become Nate Ortiz" - Drago Cesar


"Let me make myself clear: you work for me. If I tell you to fight Blaine, you fight Blaine. Hell, if I tell you to fight a lion, you WILL fight a lion and still thank me afterwards for giving you a job." - Mr. Sensation

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Dorien Arnaud... Talking about "wrestling gimmicks" in a gimmicked promo... Please, seriously... CONSIDER what you're doing. You're posting this as a ROLEPLAY as a WRESTLER. You're not conducting a shoot on the person behind the keyboard. And if I recall, your opponent debuted already, last week, meaning he was welcomed, with in ring action. Regardless, can't fault the fact you're trying to push Arnaud as the dangerous, black, heavyweight, though I think we have another guy doing that, just saying.


Onward to the Crowe/Hennig roleplay. Mr. Perfect's bastard son jokes around with Paste Face, bringing up various vampire lore and stereotypes in a witty RP, it has its English faults. Movie references make me chuckle, although I have to wonder why he had a damn wrench in his fucking drawer... Turns out we're having a First Blood may Crowe drink his fill? But it comes at a price, FIYAH gonna be picking the second stipulation. It's on now!


Apparently Johnson lost on purpose, that old chestnut, and he spoiled the result of that match he lost on purpose on a show that aired before the match. That to me, is a shitty start. It's lucky he can spin a fairly good yarn, although some of it reads poorly, probably because he's going for the intellectual gimmick that's holier than thou... And a massive hypocrite, surely a heel now. Or is he, it's just rambling, really.


Dorien Arnaud, with his printed at home fruit of the loom shirt, his sunglasses and baggy pleather pants makes his way out to the ring for the bastard son of Aries and Jacob Trance. I see it's 26 minutes long, I groan. There is a fucking gorilla on the apron. Lot of key point reversals in this, but nothing truly spectacular... On closer inspection, it's a druid. Shame, I wanted GCW to return in the form of Gorilla Championship Wrestling. Jeremiah technically does a whoopsie at one point, when he turns someone around twice, misses an uppercut, then grabs Arnaud as he recovers from his pickup, gets downed, then grappled. In hind sight, could Arnaud send me his CAW formula and I'll have a bash at making him his attire? He just looks so cheap and nasty. Props to the winner, though he probably lost on purpose, again or now looks like an idiot. Perhaps this will lead to a storyline and more long matches?


Anyway, we move on to a very good Dane RP, he's now TAKING FROM OCW instead of GIVING BACK TO OCW. I like it, really, I do. However, Scaggs sort of owns him, I won't ruin it for you guys.


BUT THE MEMORY REMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAINS. Drunken, hobo LSD comes out after Braddock, for the second match. It's a lot shorter than the opener (thank god) and should hopefully be a fire cracker. LSD sure is ageing quick because of the booze... And maybe drugs, he doesn't look quite all there, and he is called LSD after all. Two guys, using the change in the tyler rule the way it should, if it's a rediculous one, back away, if it's not so bad... Carry on. I'm not sure who's going to win this, actually. So I'm going to predict Bradock... And... He doesn't let me down. Good match gentlemen.


Good roleplay from Rox, though I don't get why people don't understand the grammatical use of the elipsis... I mean... You type it... Like this. I mean I suppose... if you were silly... You'd think that you don't use a capital letter after a period, or three.


Nice little warm up roleplay from the Fire, he didn't need to do anything massive, so he didn't.


I'll rate the main event later, if I get around to it, though it's Dupree and Crowe. It's bound to be good.

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Yes... at least that 2nd RP wasn't weird. And who the hell is NO.2... and who does NO.2 work for?


Before I forget to mention it: Crowe now looks like Wez, from Mad Max. So, Wez... what do you think of Crowe's new due?



I think that reaction is a bit harsh, but to each their own. Coincidentally, we see another promo from Mez. Huh. Mez... Wez... Miz... Wiz. There's gotta be a connection here somehow.


Speaking of connections and people who look like other people, but not really: I still can't get over how much Sting reminds me of Jim Carrey now.




I"m gonna be honest about JJ (AKA: Jeremiah Johnson): right now, it's like nailing a fugly chic. It looks like it might take a while before you get to the pop, but you're already in there, so you might as well ride it out.


But seriously, I've been anticipating what this "revelation" will be... Unfortunately, the October break couldn't have come at a worst time for some angles. No worries, I guess I can wait a little bit longer to see the end-game. It better be good, though.


Like the commentators pointed out, the last match was a nice way to end the... season? What ever you want to call it. Just wish the last song played out all the way. Oh yeah, I have the internet... which means I can just Youtube it. You ready for some of that oldschool Triple H, Picard?



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Just finished reading and watching my first show and have been thoroughly impressed. I am not up to speed with the characters and storylines enough to write a detailed review like some of my peers. Really looking forward to contributing to the community here in full capacity in about a month from now. I would like to be able to record my own content. What gear do I need and about how much am I looking at in cost?

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