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The countdown has finished! WE ARE LIVE PAL - TWITCH.TV/OCWFED

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The "Pugh is retarded and can't edit a video properly so it's late as fuck" Edition

Next week is Lution week.... which means if you have a promo for your match at lution - get it to us in our shiny new submission forum




Enjoy... if i've messed anything up, don't tell me, because i will cry

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Top Posters In This Topic

Always a entertaining show.


The Strong Style Spirit Vid was the highlight of the show.


Solid Main Event, very competitive match.


The Brain is what controls the skills eh?


Stop cutting Vega off you busta!!!

"You either die a hero or live long enough to become Nate Ortiz" - Drago Cesar


"Let me make myself clear: you work for me. If I tell you to fight Blaine, you fight Blaine. Hell, if I tell you to fight a lion, you WILL fight a lion and still thank me afterwards for giving you a job." - Mr. Sensation

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Seems im still very tense during the commentating as did it seems i had my mic up my throat as you could hear every breath i took. But Pugh and me are free around the same time so its easy to set up a time to record this. So for now ill stick with it but god... the Brain controls the skills, i had a hard time not laughing after that.
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