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The countdown has finished! WE ARE LIVE PAL - TWITCH.TV/OCWFED

Special Press Confrence with OCW Co-GM Black Spider


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A small room has been set up with a slightly raised stage with an OCW backdrop, and a podium with an OCW Logo on the front. There is a cackle of reporters sitting waiting patiently after Co-GM Spider to come out after he, announced that he was going to hold a very important press conference today. A man dressed in black pants and an OCW Polo-Shirt walks out to the podium, and taps the mic once to ensure it is working, after he hears the pop he begins.


OCW STAFFER: Ladies and Gentleman please welcome the Co-General Manager of OCW Riot Spider.


The cackle of reporters stand up and unleash a torrent of questions and camera flashes as Spider makes his way to the podium in his audacious suit. Some of the questions that can be heard over the din are, "Is this about Lotus?", "Have you signed new talent?", "Is someone being released?" Spider waits at the podium until the reporters quite down, realizing that they are going to have to wait.


SPIDER: Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press, it has recently come to my attention that General Managers are required to have a last name. Therefore in the interest of professionalism I have decided to make a statement releasing my last name, unlike a certain unnamed, especially last-named, Co-General Manager of Riot. The press, as well as OCW Staff and Talent may now refer to me as Co-General Manager Spider McGoldsteinsmithweiner.That is all, I will not be taking questions.


Spider walks off as the reporters are left in silence at the momentous announcement.

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Aka Spider Weiner lol
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I'm not paying for an extra long Placard with your name on it.

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