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Riot! 09-27-2012


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3 Pages. It comes to something when you can count the RP contributors to Riot on one fucking hand. Goes to show, even though we all insult his questionable grasp of the english language - when KD doesn't show, there is much less of a show. You all make me sick.*


*Dupree, Gibbs, The Storm Twinz, Matsuda, KD/New Child and Parker do not make me sick.

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No lie Pugh, he may insult my intelligence on a weekly basis, but the show doesn't seem the same without it. Television needs a weekly Black Rack.


This was a short and sweet show, kinda reminded me of Asylum/Ambition, where there wasn't much but what was there was top notch.


RP wise it was a strong showing by Cody and Gibbs as usual. Your match with Jook was a good watch, tons of reversals. And Cody, if you've had a sig for longer than 20 seconds don't bother doing it, because your timing is shit, you always hit an early fin.


Awesome ending vid by Director Vega, it was put together nicely.

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"You either die a hero or live long enough to become Nate Ortiz" - Drago Cesar


"Let me make myself clear: you work for me. If I tell you to fight Blaine, you fight Blaine. Hell, if I tell you to fight a lion, you WILL fight a lion and still thank me afterwards for giving you a job." - Mr. Sensation

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Yeah, I should have just let it go, I just really wanted that reversal spin into the fist, it's one of my favorite spots.


Anyway, I just finished watching/reading Riot, so hopefully we get to two pages soon so I can post my shit.


Just post it


2 x Hardcore Champion (Longest defending OCW champ,19 defences)

1 x NA Champion

1 x Pride Champion

1 x TV Champion

2 x OCW World Heavyweight Champion

F.I Winner 2012

MOTN vs Leonheart @ Wrestlution 7


'Don't worry about no one else, hows my hair look' - Tiberius Dupree

'Wipe you ass and go to bed' - Sensation to B17

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Cody's Comments


This sounds almost like a description of CZW xD. Actually, reading this, I think the description is fantastic. I think it shows what OCW needs to be. Sadly, I don't think it shows what OCW is. Not to burst bubbles here or anything, but I don't feel like any crazed sense prevails in the show. Don't get me wrong, the guys involved in the LOTUS angle do a great job in making things feel frantic and chaotic, but everyone else just kind of floats along, myself included. I think we as a whole need to start depicting the backstage area as tumultuous. This is not child friendly TV, with our fans mugging each other I'd be surprised if we don't see our ratings reduced in the age bracket of 8-15 year olds. I like the closing on this a lot, a very fun twist on the Stinger phrase.


Well ain't that a bitch, made to look like fools when we're oh so awesome... specially in contrast to these fools.


Look at me curtain jerking like a beast! On a serious note, I very much apologize for my awful timing of the "signature". I should have known not to hit it that late, but I really wanted to get my backfist in there and break his jaw. Also, Jook said he was going to do an RP before this match and not to do his entrance, sorry that didn't pan out. It was a good match Jook, I had fun.


Is Our Future Investment a play off of our Hero? I can only imagine so. Sounds strange to me, but perhaps I'm just not used to it yet. Gumball machines have just about as much authority as anything else. And now Our International Hardcore Champion, jesus you all suck xD. Pugh's win over Dims is a pretty big blow. The scope of it just in general with Dims having held the belt for so long (ignoring Lution) makes it even bigger. I know the feeling Tyro, I know it well.


If you don't want the belt(s) you're doing this wrong.


I expect this to be an entertaining match simply because Justice is crazy in the ring. I don't think I know this Cas...not Cash song. Pretty sweet sound sampling, and pretty sweet agility as Justice does a sick backflip off of The Champ's chin. It's kind of interesting to me how our last few champions are reflective of the WWE's own champion in a way. Aries and Dupree, and now dual champion Pugh, resemble Punk. You watch Dupree in this match he's flying around jumping off of things and crashing with his opponent on his back, but you see him in other matches and he has enough strength to play some of the power game with the bigger guys. They tout their athleticism over brawn. A nice contrast to some of the past champions. Damn! Justice really got up and over that top rope and just destroyed Dupree with that flip. Those knees are like daggers in the back. An amazing finisher save by Justice right there. Wow! Justice shows some power of his own powerbombing The Champion down to the mat. But Dupree hits the slame and calls it a night. Good match, Justice put up more of a fight than I think most would expect out of him.


The bloody nickel, that sounds like a single nickel in history that started some big ass war or something. Oh God, grillz are the worst thing ever. By the way, Hannibal has one of the most eclectic group of associates ever. I'd punch D. in the face if he put ash in my pocket. This is just one terrible, terrible, piece of produce placement for both The A-Team and Apple. Iphone 5, Jesus Christ they are so bad! Siri can't do a god damn thing!


Vengance and Fury. Got it.


Time to see if the A-Team foot the bill to clean the gold just to lose it and make these two greedy bastards even more rich. Look at WWE with its priorities all fucked up: The IC belt is way above the WWECW belt. If anyone had thought about it, they could have run down to the ring, stolen all of that gold, and pretty much became the majority power holder of OCW. I can really decide who I think is stronger: Mez or Parker. I think Mez probably is. I think sometimes I forget just how big Mez is, I always think of O.G. as the bigger of the two, but I'm not even certain that's correct, it's just that big ass powerbomb that makes me think that. That corner body splash by Mez has such strange timing, I never know what to do about it. Parker just shrugged off that punch by Gibbs like it was nothing. Team OCW has just fallen apart. Pugh just booted the hell out of Parker, there's no way they will be cohesive now. I'm actually surprised Parker isn't in the ring throwing truth sirens out like candy at halloween. Gibbs is in for the first time, lets see if this has any major change on the dynamic of the match. Wow, Pugh rolled out of the ring and before he even had his bearings Mez was there beating the tar out of him. Now they're just stomping away, the A-Team is just a big ass group of POWERBOMBING thugs. I wouldn't be surprised if Spider made this match himself, just let the A-Team kill Team OCW. Yep, he definitely did. They just tried to kill Pugh with that boot to the outside and the stairs. Damn, they are doing a fantastic job keeping Pugh in their corner, they're one of the only teams that really focuses on that. Pugh finally manages as tag to Parker, and they looked pretty cohseive with it. Parker is tearing it up, already having hit Mez with a superplex and his "fuck you" elbow. Parker is on his game in the reversing catagory today. Don't worry ref, Mez isn't outside the ring cheating, you just go on about your business you stupid stupid man. I can't imagine what our replacement refs would be like with our first stringers sucking so much already. Smart move by Parker to get in the ring as quickly as he got out, Gibbs definitely had his eyes on him. Wow, Gibbs kicked out of that Truth Siren before the 2. But he catches another one not a minute later, and Mez has to bail him out of the pin. Parker's looking for the Elbow, he nails it! Another early kick out, Gibbs has so much damn energy. Nice moonsault by Pugh. Gibbs has taken so much punishment he can't even make it to his feet and just barely finds Mez and the tag. WOW! That ref just IGNORED the pinfall to yell at Gibbs. I guess he had to make up for letting them cheat earlier. Oh shit, Pugh is turning on his hyper mode. He nails a great elbow but Mez just jumps to his feet, Pugh kicks him right back down and works on his body and head though, this is getting inte.......... BOOT! He threw the boot in his face! Pugh paid too much attention to O.G. and turned right around into the match ending boot. What a fantastic ending guys.


Oh spectacular, Tyro's with the Dark Side. I guess the cookies got him. I didn't realize that was an option Tyro.... Actually, I still think it's probably not an option, you're going to be invo....beat down, you're going to be beat down. He looks pretty Team OCW now I'd say. His back has to be broken, Pato's fucking huge. So Suda would rather him pick Team OCW than not pick a team at all? What an interesting ending to Riot....


The show was short, I think the shortest Riot I've read in my time here, but I think the quality of what was there was fantastic. I enjoyed all of the matches, especially the tag team match, and the RP's were all very good, so I'm not too worried going forward.

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