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Glitter and Unicorns

Bip Hairline Stamp

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A very large man in a tutu sits in front of his bedroom mirror, brushing his long blonde hair. Next, he grabs two hair ties and puts his hair up in pigtails. Bip puts down his brush and picks up his eyeliner and puts it on. Once he's finished, he puts his lipstick on and rubs his lips together, shooting a kiss at his reflection. He then begins to put makeup on his cheeks. Satisfied, Bip puts down his makeup.


Bip: Now for the finishing touch.


Bip reaches for something that's not on his table. Atop a red pillow sets a silver and diamond tierra. He picks it up with the softest of hands and gently places it upon his head, smiling slyly at his reflection in the mirror.


Bip: Showtime!


Bip gets up from his makeup table and walks out of the scene as the following graphic comes onto the screen.




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It's a shame you don't have permanent access to equipment to participate on the sticks. Looks like you've taken to the Morrison Method quit nicely... Even if you don't get the hardware you need to particpate would be nice to see you keep writing. You could even develope into a valet/manger and work with the rookies on Ambition towards a stable ala "The Heenan Family"until you get the gear you need.
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Reminds me of Kip Conrad... Which is a good thing, most of the Ambition Era will never have heard of him, but he was an alt of a pretty succesful guy!


He held the Hardcore title, is all I can remember.


Never heard of him cause nothing existed before the Ambition Era.


BTW... Nice rp

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I think he means PLEASE BE THIS.
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 15-06, 18:20 Tiberius Dupree make him tap with brownie mix


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