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A Technical Investment

Adam Rictor

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During a televised OCW show, the television audiences screen fades to black, and then fades back in to show Adam Rictor standing in a small office, wearing a suit and tie. He takes a minute to inhale, and begins to talk.


Adam Rictor: I'm not ashamed of calling myself a professional wrestler. But I don't need to be covered in tattoos or pierced in every orifice to know that I am one, and that there is something wrong with professional wrestling. It shouldn't take someone hitting a 450 splash or other high flying manuevers to feel the raw emotion of a live wrestling match. Nor should punching a fan be the way someone claims their place in the business.


Adam Rictor: Hi, I'm wrestler Adam Rictor, and I'm here to tell you that I can ensure the future of professional wrestling through using the art of technical wrestling, and stiff strikes. You also have the chance to help too, and it starts with supporting Adam Rictor. When Ambition gets off the ground, you have a choice. You can cheer for me, and send a strong message to the world of professional wreslting fans and promotors that think this fancy stuff is what its all about. Or, you can stand idly by, and cheer for whomever my opponent will be and let the wrestling corporations bombard you with the same cookie cutter wrestling. The technical artform once made wrestling strong, and it will make it strong again. So during Ambition, and whomever decides to take me on, choose Adam Rictor, a technical investment!


After Rictor is done talking, a portion of his theme song plays as the camera fades back to black and picks up the action from the match that was interupted.

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Sitting on one of the wooden benches inside the OCW Men's Locker Room, there is Aiden Ryan shaking his head and laughing quietly to himself, while looking at the ground. He takes a breath and slowly lifts his head up looking at the camera, revealing a grin.. he begins to speak..


Aiden : Adam Rictor.. man does that name sound familiar, could it be? The same Adam Rictor, the "Pillar of Technical Wrestling". The same man that claimed he could wipe the floor with everyone that came through South City Wrestling, even that "Naive Kid from London", you never got that chance though, since I was called up to the big leagues with half of the years of experience you have, and you want to know why? I'm entertainment, but nonetheless here you are! You've made it after years of wrestling in High School gyms, you finally made it, Congratulations, really I mean it.


Aiden starts laughing.. but trying to keep a straight face, he begins to talk again

You're right about one thing, you shouldn't be ashamed to call yourself a Professional Wrestler, but maybe you should be more focused on how you're going to keep your self afloat in this shark tank when all you have going for you, is headlocks, and arm drags...and then you have the insolence to disrespect something you don't understand..


Aiden's smile turns into an irritated and offended look..

Look at you, you're calling my lifestyle a disgrace, because I have tattoos and piercings, but mate, you're the disgrace to this sport. Begging these fans, these minions to support you, its sad, it really is because, guys like me.. we don't need to ask or plead for them to want to see us, they might hate me, despise me, and dislike what I stand for, but they respect my abilities, and they envy what I can do inside a ring, and every since I started doing this, people have filled seats to see me go in the ring because they want to see excitement, not chin locks, and toe holds.


Aiden takes another deep breath...


But hey, maybe you'll finally get your chance, to beat that Naive Kid.

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I will just reiterate the statement.

 15-06, 18:20 Tiberius Dupree make him tap with brownie mix


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The scene opens up with the man of the hour himself, Adam Rictor, kicked back, and feet up at his home in Fort Worth, Texas. He takes a sip of a nice, ice cold beer, then picks up his television remote and hits the pause button. He stares at the screen for a second and then takes another sip of his beer. Setting the cup down, and leaning up in his chair, he begins to talk.


Adam: You know...These past couple days I've been thinking...I've been thinking, "who the hell is this dude calling me out, trying to make a name for himself?" Then it hit me, and remembered just exactly who you were. You bring up something that happened awhile ago that I didn't remember. Probably because of all the blows to the head I've received over that time frame. So, I had to bust out the SCW tape library that I have at my disposal. I had to bust it out, just so I could be clear on a few things. A few things that you seem to over exaggerate about. Yes, I claim to be a technical wrestler, but not the pillar. I guess you never paid attention to things back then. Especially since you say I claimed I could "wipe the floor with everyone..." I'd like to know where that came from. I guess it's just jealousy that I was there busting my ass, and taking a match whenever I could get one. Yeah, I won a majority of the time, and it put a chip on my shoulder some, but I never went out there and claimed to be the best.


Adam: However, it was during that time when you were sulking in the corner, talking about your mommy and daddy issues to yourself when you should have been there trying to make a name for yourself. Which brings me to my next point. You talk about being called up to the bigger promotion because you are entertainment and more skill than me. If I'm not mistaken you had a sudden surge of luck and took advantage of it. For those of you wondering, SCW had a big battle royal that flew in many big name talents. Well, Aiden came out of nowhere and eliminated one of the big guys from another promotion, and for some reason, that guy was impressed with his work. Why? I have no idea...But yeah that happened, and Aiden packed his bags and left without saying a word. I'm not sure what he's done since then, nor do I care.


Adam: All I've gotta say though is that come this week on Ambition, you have another thing coming. You think technical wrestling is all about chin locks and toe holds? WRONG! Think about me hitting you with a German Suplex out of nowhere. Think about me catching you off guard and dropping you with a DDT. And then when its all said and done, think about yourself tapping out to the Lifeless Alarm or looking up at the stars after being hit with my version of a Hangman's Neckbreaker. And then when you are heading to the back, head hung low, you will know what its like to go against a real wrestler...NOT an entertainer!


Adam: And one more thing...All those tattoos man...C'mon, son...Guess you never knew what originality was and that you wanted to secretly fit in with the others and that was the only way to do so.


Adam takes another sip of his beer, and resumes what he was watching on his television as the scene fades to black.

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