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Riot 410


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I liked the opening segment. I love the way Nathan Carter implements the announce team in his promos. Great attention to detail all around. Yet again, a great promo. Stating his purpose and keeping with the “interesting” gimmick. It’s interesting to see a new guy open up a program. I liked the promo and the recap from the week. Keep it up…good things may be coming his way.


First match. Interesting bout here. Rane at the beginning stages really dominated this match and it looked like it was going to be a dominating victory but give Crossbones credit where credit is due. He would not go away. He took a lot of punishment and those kick outs were dramatic. The back and forth towards the end was nice. No sure about some of the things I saw. I thought you weren’t supposed to run and grapple your opponent while they were getting up but I’ll have to double check that. Good starting match for the show and very dramatic match.


The next segment I enjoyed. Never sneak up on a black man like that mang. Love his description of Carter here. I couldn’t imagine wrestling an oiled up porn star but nonetheless…a good promo.


The Justin Raze promo was solid as well. Seems like a of people are doing the “creepy” style gimmick. I thought this was the direction but I was wrong and I liked the way he put the spin on this one. I thought it was about to super religious but it took a nice spin. He showed toughness and used religion to make a statement and I like that. I’m still studying up on characters so I’ll be paying attention.


Bishop seems quite large to be moving the way he was. Saw a lot of running and even saw a second rope move. For a character that size and that build, I wouldn’t agree with running around and running attacking so much. Seems like more of a powerhouse mauler. Like a bigger version of Raze. Pretty good match and I’ll read other comments to see if all the rules were followed. Yeah but those headbutts tho. Good showing by both.


Good promo from Ron to explain why he was put in that position. Just a working man chasing a dream. I like it. A lot can come from a guy with everything to gain and nothing left to lose. Going all in. Touche. Good promo.


Illimuniti is an interesting character. Another I don’t know much about yet and I am curious to see his style in the ring. Short promo but the point came across very clear. Adapt or die. Good stuff.


AC Cobra was pretty short as well but I did like the spin on what G-Unit stands for. Would have like to saw more from the promo but not much to say when you have a match.


The match confused me. I thought Nathan had come out earlier and said he wasn’t wrestling tonight. Still though, really enjoy this guys promos. It is quite entertaining. Nice to have a character like that. I like this match. Really liked that ddt spot at the beginning. Great match. I like AC Corbra’s style in the ring. Fast pace but not all over the place. Good showing by both and a nice match all around.


The Buddy promo was very funny. I actually laughed out loud while reading it. Short, funny looking dude….greatest description ever.


I like Smythe’s style. Very cocky, very confident, and a show stealer. Again, the justification for the replacement is pretty good in character so hats off for that. He’s basically making his claim and telling everyone they are there to see him. I like it.


The Monster is another very interesting character and when I get some time, I really need to read up on some characters here. I didn’t like the placement of the RP only because the promo was quite similar to Smythe’s in not only content, but length. The direction was good and the ending was better. Good promo and nice way to move away from “saving OCW” and making the promo different than Smythe’s.


Matsuda came out on a mission. Reminded everyone of who he was and then dared anyone to face him. Seems like a real in your face type and not backing down from anyone. Interested to see who’s gonna step up to him.


The build up idea of Trance vs Raze is getting better and better. Really like how loyal he is and I like how he seems to be the person in the tournament who is going to ensure that Trance keeps the title. This story keeps getting better and next week will be interesting.


Not sure where this Mugen and Minio story is going but I’m sure that’s because I don’t know the past yet. Looks like someone is coming back soon. I loved the interaction with the woman there. Quite funny.


Buffness. LMAO. That was a great way to start a promo. I laughed throughout the whole thing. Dude is like “Man, fuck this dark shit son.” Good stuff but I do need to see more to understand the character a little bit better.


The final match was entertaining. Watching Pugh run over KD was freaking hilarious. Saw some nice little spots. Really liked the back body drop onto the steel steps. Good match by both. Not sure of some of the moves that were done to KD due to the obvious size difference, but I know everyone doesn’t adjust moves per match.


Good show again everyone and I’m pretty excited about what’s to come. Not sure why so many matches had commentary still on but I ended up listening to music while I watched.

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