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Making History! (again)

NOT Darin Charles

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A video begins rolling at the start of the segment.


ARE YOU READY? FOR THE FUTURE is displayed on the screen in bold letters.


It quickly fades away to early footage of Darin Charles at 17 years old and his time with José Lathero at The Texas wrestling academy. Different scenes of José showing Charles the ropes, basic moves and what it takes to be a superstar in the wrestling business.


Most of the clips shows alot how far Charles has come, sweating profusely you can see that Charles had to overcome alot. Even the look on his face showed the difficulty of the obstacles he had to face.



The next few scenes showed the happiness of signing a PWO contract, the classic matches he had with Dale Stevens. leading to winning the Television title and his World heavyweight title match against Backlash.


A collage of Superkicks and Stamp of approvals were slideshowed before the history of Darin Charles came to an satisfying end.


We see Charles smiling alongside with Stacy clark, as the OCW audience erupts with an overly anticipated reaction to the sight of Darin Charles.



Stacy Clark: Hello, OCW fans worldwide I have a very special guest here with me today...and that special guest is no other than "The Future" Darin Charles.

Hello Mr. Charles as you can see the OCW Riot crowd is pleased with you're arrival. It's an honor to finally....


Charles quickly but nicely interrupts Stacy Clark by putting his pointing finger to his lips.


Darin Charles: Shhhhhh....

Can't you hear that roaring crowd? Can you feel that ovation?

You know what that sounds like Stacy?


Stacy looks puzzled by Charles question.


Stacy Clark: (Studdering) No, noo Mr. Charles.. I ..I


Charles interrupts Stacy once again.


Darin Charles: It sounds alot like home...Home Stacy, home something that I feel I haven't felt in a long time now.... and it feels great to be home.


Stacy Clark: (Smiling) Well, we can all see that you're already an Fan favorite here in OCW and I'm sure your fans will give you an heartfelt welcoming to Riot.

But I guess what we're all wondering is,what's you're mission here in OCW? What are you trying to accomplish? Can we look forward to seeing you perform soon?


Charles looks away with a gesture as if he was thinking of an idea.



Darin Charles: (chuckles) Stacy, Stacy, Stacy... haven't we heard that patience is key? (Pause)

Now I know I'm a new face to OCW. But that does not deny the fact that I'm one of the most coolest, charismatic, sexiest, finger flicking, electrifying tougher than nails type of guy ...wait did I say sexiest?


Nevermind that ...who will ever step inside an OCW ring.


Ya see Stacy I didn't come with an agenda. No missions, no goals other than taking some titles, kick some ass and make history as i go.But i have to admit OCW does have alot of potential talent...


Charles turns and looks into the camera with a smirk on his face.


Darin Charles: But none with my Stamp of approval... (chuckles)


At that moment the door behind Charles slowly opens. A face slowly creeps out as Darin Charles and Stacy Clark's attention is set on the face of a unknown woman.


With the appearance of the unknown woman the crowd quiets for a split second.


Heavenly: Babe, it's something you might want to know...


Charles puts his finger up to his lips to quiet her and moves forward towards the door to enter.


Darin Charles:Shhhh!


Charles enters the door halfway and turns back to Stacy Clark.



Darin Charles: Til we meet again... stace.


Charles closes the door and enters the room as cameras are left outside the door with Stacy clark looking clueless.



Stacy Clark: I don't know what that was all about *Shoulder shrugs* (Off Air)



Charles looks at Heavenly with a whiney concerned look on his face.


Darin Charles:Wha...babe what's going on you just crashed in on my interview. (Laughing out loud) babe you're not even suppose to been seen around here yet.


Heavenly looks at him with a bummed out face.


Heavenly: LOOK!


Heavenly proceeds to show Darin Charles the PWO.com website she accessed through her IPhone 6 and how the PWO published an article about his drug abuse. Charles skimmers through the article while Heavenly stares at him for his reaction.



Darin Charles:(Angrily) What the fuck!!! I'll tell you right now someone at PWO is gonna pay.



Heavenly: NO! That's the last thing you should be worried about. You're no longer under a WWE contract let's not make this a legal case please. Just make the best of OCW and don't get involved with this situation...just let it blow over.




Darin Charles: Blow over? You just want me to sit back while the PWO makes me into their weekly laughing stock....Hell 2 the nawl.


Charles paces around the locker room with this utterly look of disgust on his face. Charles then gets frustrated, heads out of the locker room and SLAMS the door behind him. While Heavenly watches him as she shakes her head at the whole situation and continues to read the article.




Charles leaves the locker room furious from what PWO published about his drug abuse. Pacing back and forth up and down the lobby, trash talking anything stupid that came across his mind.*


Darin Charles:(mumbling) Stupid muthafuckas don't they know WHO I AM!!!

I getting tired of nosey ass people getting into my business and what I do in my spare time. GET A LIFE!


A few innocent bystanders are startled with a look of shock when they see Charles rambling.


As Charles continues pacing up the lobby hallway with his head down. He bumps into someone he felt staring down at him. Charles looks up to see an unfamiliar face that he didn't recognize in the OCW. Charles look the guy dead in the eye and said...


Darin Charles: Who the hell you looking at SRCRUB!?!


Charles face turns serious now looking into the unfamiliar man in the lobby. The man with a stern look on his face replies.


Unknown man: This ain't PWO bro and nobody from PWO works here, real or fantasy wise.


OCW is purely in it's own universe.


Charles looks away confused for a bit then responds.


Darin Charles: Well if you look at the big sign on the wall dummy you would see this is OCW.

You do know how to read right?

See what I'm not understanding is what you mean by REAL or FANTASY WISE.

See this is reality jack nor real or fantasy so maybe whenever you get your gigantichead out you're ass you'll understand...now excuse me I have business to tend too SCRUB!


Charles walks past the man still staring him down from head to toe headed back to locker room.

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I don't understand why you'd just do the same promo again. We read it. If you're gonna spam up the boards with the same promo then you're gonna rub more people up the wrong way b


So I'm the one who's spamming now but when I made my first post it was cool for everyone else to spam it and get it locked. Wte I'll just delete myself this is more of a cult then a user friendly efed. Thinking this would be a get away from my problems I come to the conclusion it won't cause every post I make I'm gonna have to hear from someone who I rubbed wrong. Mr sensation a cool dude only one who tried to help other than him fuck you all oh yeah and bloom he's cool tibby tubbs lick baby dog nuts

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See ya.


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There is so much irony. Literally doing the book for riot and the "cult" is essentially saying. "Lets See what he can do, before we book him in a ppv". lol
 15-06, 18:20 Tiberius Dupree make him tap with brownie mix


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