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A New Challenger Has Entered The Arena: A Love Story

Justin Jehst

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The scene fades from black into the OCW training facility. We see both Justin Jehst and Elsa standing in the ring in workout gear, a bit sweaty, obviously having trained for a little while.


Jehst: That grappling was good, you’re starting to get a good handle on this whole wrasslin’ thing. And your kicks are a lot harder than I expected!


Elsa flicks her hair playfully and poses in a silly muscle pose.


Elsa: Just because I am woman not mean I can’t hit hard!


She pokes her tongue out and winks.


Jehst: Well I like the confidence; you’re gonna need it…


Elsa: What you mean?


Jehst: Oh…I maaaaay have entered you into the Women’s Battle Royal.


Elsa: What?! Why you do this? I not ready yet, Justin!


Justin puts his hand on her shoulder and looks her in the eye.


Jehst: Elsa, look, you’ve got the talent. I’ve seen you in these training sessions; you don’t give yourself enough credit.


He pulls his hand away from her and straightens up.


Jehst: I think this will be a good learning experience for you. It’ll get you in the ring without the pressure of having to win a one on one match against some of the more experienced women here.


Elsa: I wish you tell me first, Justin.


Jehst: There’s one thing you have to know about the wrestling business and OCW; anything can happen, anytime. Like the ending of The Sixth Sense; you didn’t expect it, but it happened! This is the first shake up for you here; expect others.


Elsa: Ok, but what do I wear?


Justin smiles and turns to the ring apron. He rolls out and goes to his duffle bag on the ground. After a moment of sifting through it he pulls out white and gold attire pieces and some boots.


Jehst: Ta-da! You think the Hollywood Piss Taker would forget about something as important as what you’d be wearing at this event?! You obviously don’t know me well enough, young Elsa! You’ll be looking hotter than Scarlett Johansson on the red carpet!


Elsa blushes and exits the ring. She shuffles with haste over to Jehst to look at her ring gear.


Elsa: This so amazing, Justin, thank you!


Out of nowhere, in the moment of excitement she hugs Justin and plants a kiss square on his lips. Jehst’s eyes widen and Elsa immediately realises what just happened.


Elsa: I…I’m so embarrass…


Justin takes a moment but eventually he just smiles and laughs it off.


Jehst: It’s ok, seriously. I’m not surprised you did it, I’m just surprised it took you so long. #cheeky-tongue-out-emoji


As she remains looking down she blushes again.


Swiping her hair out of her face she builds up the courage to look up at the Jehst Man.


Elsa: What happen now?


Jehst: Well you can start by buying me a drink; that usually comes before getting physical with someone.


She doesn’t immediately understand, but it only takes a click before she catches on. Elsa smiles.


Elsa: You are very cheeky man, Mr. Justin!


Jehst: What did I tell you about calling me that; it’s just…Justin.


Jehst: As for what to do now… I say we get a bite to eat and relax, recuperate from this training session. No days off in Hollywood, and certainly no days off in OCW for us on the talent sheets! Let’s go!


Justin and Elsa begin to walk out the door into the daylight. The camera sits behind them in a mid-shot as they exit side by side, and as the door begins to swing close Justin takes Elsa’s hand. When the door closes, the silhouette of the two can be seen through the door turning and walking out of frame.

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