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Something off my chest


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The scene opens in Valkyrie apartment.


She is sitting on her sofa as her friend Alyssa Winters is filming her with a smartphone, pretending to be some sort of journalist.


Alyssa Winters: So…. H2O called you a narcissistic brat and kicked you out of Inception, the faction you two founded back in December.


Valkyrie: Me and Harvey have been together since the start. He handpicked me when I was a Rookie and he's been my mentor ever since. He taught me everything I know about wrestling and OCW in general.


Valkyrie : Last year, after Wrestlution was over, the doctors told me I wasn't going to be able to walk again. H2O saw something in me, he followed me through all the steps of my rehab and helped me become the wrestler I am today.


Alyssa Winters: Oh, that's so sweet. Unfortunately something went wrong last week, though.


Valkyrie: Originally it was just me and Harvey. Then Bobby and KD joined. H2O said we needed numbers to compete against Fame and TTT… as if he completely forgot how we destroyed Kasstianity together, just the two of us.


Valkyrie: Then Fame took over Riot. That's when they started forcing me to compete in weird stipulations… Handicap matches, a Tables match against a dear friend of mine…


Alyssa Winters: That sounds terrible! I am sure a true HERO would not stand for this injustice!


Valkyrie: Right? That's what I thought! I refused to go through with the Tables match and sabotaged the Extreme Rules match they forced me to wrestle the week after. That's how I got suspended…


Valkyrie: You know what H2O and the others did instead?


Valkyrie: When the Riot 526 card went public, the first thing they said was “Guys, we can't throw this triple threat otherwise we are going to end up like Valkyrie”.


Alyssa Winters: Are you kidding me?


Valkyrie : I am not. That's literally what Harvey said in our locker room. Of course there will be consequences if you rebel against Fame. That's what friends are for! We are supposed to stand together!


Valkyrie: Instead, I got tossed to the wolves, I turn around and H2O is no longer there by my side. He is in the back, playing nice, in hopes of getting another title shot he will choke.


Alyssa Winters taps her cheek, acting as she was thinking about something.


Alyssa Winters : Kassidy Hayes wrote this on his Twitter: “Go Valk Go! Valk is the best, Valk #1”. What a true gentleman! He surely knows how to treat women with RESPEK


Valkyrie: Right? He is such a sweetheart. I mean, he did try to kidnap me and brainwash me last season, but perhaps it was just a big misunderstanding. Some people are socially awkward, but it's not their fault.


Valkyrie: And now those two are going to fight?


Alyssa Winters : Woah now that is going to be epic! Who are you going to cheer for?


Valkyrie: The best possible outcome would be Kassidy low blowing Choke2O, this way the would both lose. But let's face it, Harvey has got no balls. The ref is not going to disqualify Kassidy if he hits him below the belt.



Valkyrie and Alyssa burst out laughing. Then Valkyrie regains her composure and looks directly at the camera


Valkyrie: You know what, Harvey? I was out of place in Inception anyway, that's because I win matches, unlike you three clowns.




Valkyrie: And I'm going to tell you another thing. I'm not afraid of being on my own. I don't need you anymore. The question now is: are you sure you don't need me?




The stream ends.

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I've said it from the day I came into OCW with this very woman (who seems to finally be coming to her senses):


H2O is nothing but an asshole burden on OCW and should be taken out once and for all!


Glad to see you and I are on the same page finally.


President and leading member of the Paul Pugh Fan Club. We love KidEgo


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