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CQC Responds


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Fading in from black, a red stool hoists the two Undisputed Tag Team championships. They face outward, glimmering off of the light coming from above.


Walking in from the right is one half of the tag team champions, Rust Cohle. He stares directly into the camera, with his hair tied behind his head. His signature jacket draped over his shoulders.


Rust: Bonjour, mates.


Rust: I know it’s been quite some time since we’ve talked.


As he continues, he peers to the other side of the stool as a calm looking Quartz walks slowly into frame. He strokes his long beard and raises his head, looking into the camera alongside his tag team partner.


Rust: Trust me when I’m telling you, we hear your challenge loud and clear.


Rust: ...but there’s something you have to understand if you follow us as closely as you claim to.


Rust: Since we unified the OCW tag championships and became the first EVER Undisputed Tag Team champions, we’ve vowed to only face the best. Ne faire face qu'à ceux qui l'ont mérité.


Rust peers over to Quartz who has lowered his head.


Rust: Unfortunately for you, Doc Green… Antonio… You two may have once earned title shots. Hell, you even did it twice! Turmoil? Summercide?


Rust: They were battles, no doubt. Vous etes fort, but you couldn’t get the job done. That’s because CQC is the greatest tag team in OCW history.


Rust: You have to know, you’re not the only duo deserving of a shot of these championships.


Quartz slowly walks up from the back and lifts both championships with his left hand. He takes the stool and throws it off to the sides.


Quartz: So no.


Quartz: You do not deserve another chance. Not anymore.


Quartz: ...but we are not ignorant to your struggle.


Quartz: You will be given another opportunity at this gold.


Rust: A #1 contender’s match. That’s what we had to do at Savage Lands 2018… Now that’s what you’ll have to do if you want another crack at CQC.


Rust: We don’t know who your opponents are going to be… and quite frankly, we don’t care.


Rust and Quartz both step back. Quartz hands Rust’s half of the titles to him.


Rust: Because CQC is ready for the biggest and best challenge. We’re ready for those who can prove that they’re ready for us.


Both Champions look at each other, then straight to the camera.


Rust: Another year of dominance is coming.

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Proof why we need more tag teams. Look at these two punks. Getting Ovah in a tag team. Standing out in a tag team. Relying on each other and helping each. Take notes, rookies.
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