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Wrex Kidnapped!?


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B17: Wrex, just breathe, ok?




Wrex continues to smash his way through all the cupboards in the kitchen of Bingo’s cabin.

Wrex: Where’s the fucking alcohol? Where is it? I know you’re fucking with me Bingo! I know how you work!!


B17 moves forward calmly with his hands raised: I’m serious. There is no booze for close to 20 miles.


Wrex rushes and tackles Bingo to the ground. They scuffle and roll around briefly before Wrex disengages and hurls himself through a window.

B17: WREX!


But Wrex is already up and moving, unfortunately for him, there is nowhere to run to. Everywhere he looks all he sees is barren forest covered in snow. There is a lone dirt road with high snow banks that leads into the driveway of the homely, warm looking cabin he had just sprung from, he sprints for it, but before he can make it too far Bingo (who is in much better cardiovascular health) catches up to him and jogs merrily alongside an already heavily panting Wrex. Bingo is carrying an extra winter jacket.

Wrex: Must...Get...A Drink...You...Evil...Bastard.


Bingo smiles grimly, sticks his foot out, and watches Wrex trip and fall flat on his face where he stays panting and steaming in the snow.

B17: Alright, here is how it is going to be. You want to leave? Be my guest. We are close to 6 miles away from any highway.


Bingo checks his phone: It is 12 degrees out here and will be dark in roughly an hour. You don’t know the way, and you are in no condition to make it. Here is a jacket, good luck.


Bingo tosses the winter jacket to Wrex and begins to trudge back to the cabin with the cameraman shivering behind him.

Wrex stares wistfully at the winding road, but knows the truth in Bingo’s words. He turns and starts walking back.

Wrex: I take back what I said. I fucking hate you.

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