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It's Still 70 Fugn Degrees......

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 15-06, 18:20 Tiberius Dupree make him tap with brownie mix


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I am really enjoying all of the stuff happening with Jordan Trance and Roy Brown right now. This show was no different and Trance's naivety bounces off of super serious characters so well.


I feel like we're in a fun sweet spot of intermingling stories too. It can be tough to follow sometimes but part of what makes the characters come to life is treating them like real people who have varying interactions to varying people and circumstances. Wrestling can sometimes cause the characters to exist in a bubble with their feud partner, but I think we're doing great at humanizing them.


The catriona, John, CG, Barrett stuff on this show in particular was what made this come to mind. There are so many pieces moving around that it keeps things interesting and keeps you guessing. Also allows for fun development outside of fighting all the time or backstage brawls.


Rust's letter was short and sweet and the new rescue for Zoe is on. I hadn't considered Rust being pursued by Zoe as an option until now. That could spell disaster for team OCW.


I have no idea who or what Pandora is but I fucking dug this video, very ominous with a flair of 80s style. + that song is from Phantom Pain so you'll always get a mark out out of me. I guess we'll see on RIOT what it's all about.


KD and H2O's deep history brought up as an extension of Kasstianity, nice touch to bring in those who were not around for Inception into the loop.


Colin and Maxx have been getting very serious lately, a change from their usual shenanigans. It worries me, especially with all this spooky eye stuff. Maxx's arc in particular is easily one of my most watched this year, his evolution has been perfect for what it takes to stay relevant in wrestling.


Captain Insano Christian Garcia is starting to shift the narrative about TWC in their favor, with Marcus' stuff with his ghost Dad and Jasmin + Aisu being a straight laced wrestling purist, John at this point is the main loose thread of fuckness and RPs like he had with Garcia can go a long way in tilting him slightly more babyface, without compromising his character as a shitty arrogant prick.


Empress and Ashley was awesome, may be my RPOTN. Visualization and such + their history as rivals and friends last year. I really love how present Empress is as the authority figure, not to say Tibby's role was bad, his background authority was fun bc you knew it was a big deal when he showed up. Two different effective styles, but Emp's insane personality and unpredictability make her very fun to see every week in RP and video formats. There is no question who is in charge. This punishment for Ashley is coming swiftly...


Jacob Trance and C-NOTE?! Get that rub, kid.


Scattered thoughts, great content overall. I loved this show on video and RP fronts. Much better than the stinker of a go home show we had a few weeks back. Amazing matches through the entire show - save for the ME, which can still be spun as a massive positive for John as he blew up TLB.



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So here goes nothing.




Francis opens the show by pointing out that Kasstianity isn't the bad guys we think they all are, that it's Quartz' hair dye that's to blame. Talks up the match vs. VanPark a little, then says that he's stolen Rusts sister. The closing line about indoctrinating new members felt a little wordy but all in all a clear and concise effort.


EMP dressed as April O'Neill bounces on out still drunk, she enjoyed the recent OCW TV shows, John Carder vs The Last Bullshit, hopefully TLBS now has a new meaning. Hypes the show, gets across she doesn't like Ashley and that she thinks Dupree was doing a bad job.


I think Debbie is 100% right in that Jasmin is just trying to weasel her way back into the Gramazon's good books in order to try and get ahead. If anyone knocked on my door for a minute solid I'd probably try to skull them with the door too.


Queen of OCW announcement! It's Lotos Flojo!




This match was insane, it was a fun tag match in which we watched Evelynn get smushed, then proceeded to refuse to leave the ring, making us all think the traditional Parker family fumble was en route. Then the other team started falling apart before our eyes. Mina though continues and looks like she's going for the finisher before Alexa retaliates with an incredible combo. It was so fast I didn't even see the finisher display pop up. Nice work everyone.


Jordan Trance closes out page one by visiting a costume store earlier in the day, oh boy.



We start now with Nate and Reese, at a stylist. It looks to me like Reese is being modelled to become more like Nate, as opposed to remaining true to his country roots. That stylist is also potentially a sexual predator.


Catriona now on the phone to El Parca, I know a few jokes were cracked about the size of the phone but on second viewing it actually looks perfectly fine. Alyssa Marceaux is a bitch and hopefully her face gets crushed like Catriona's phone.


Scotty X now has been lured by Kasstianity, much like Jordan Trance he now has the dreaded pamphlet.


Queen of OCW announcement 2! It's the Women's FI holder, Harri Etiquette!


Catriona is still in a bad way, I actually thought KC was going to do something sinister here but it works out he has some sort of soul. A wee hint to the old times, interesting.


MATCH - Owen vs Chance Williams


Another enjoyable match, even though Chance's brains are now spaghetti. I'm quite enjoying violence party OWEN. It's interesting that in the post match segment Elliott Parker is distracting Harris Turner all the while Chance is retiring due to his brain being cracked like an egg. I really liked the KC erratic energy when he came out. Elliott now distracts another member of the GOAT Academy... Derek, of all fucking people, happens to notice their partner is getting destroyed by ManBearPig in the ring.. But then Derek doesn't go out haha, "Yeah go save him Harris, I'mma chill back here."


Rust has a spooky postcard and wants his sister back. Nice use of the red text to make it stand out.


We close out page two with a hype video for Pandora, nicely done.




The page officially opens with H20 and KD breaking bread and making piece. Harvey Hamilton Ocean welcomes KD to the Kasstian Church, KD apologises for trying to turn his spine into dust. Team OCW vs Kasstianity is interesting because if Quartz recruited half the locker room they'd just annihilate them.

Of course it would be based on sheer numbers, if only that car bomb had succeeded, we wouldn't have H20. KD telling him not to be a sissy but now KD's direct target is poor Maxx Edwards.


Speaking of Colin and Maxx... It's Locke & Key time. A little throw back to the storage wars (RIP Thomas Archer). I think Colin knows full well about being mentally tortured and how it changes you, so it's a warning that might not be needed.


MATCH - Scotty X vs. Mystery Man

It's Samsin! And he's here to beat up poor Scotty X. Very enjoyable hardcore match with Samsin showing how he can really do when he sets his mind to it. Fun finish, can't wait for Samsin to have more punishment beatings.


Roy Brown and Jordan Trance are back, you better get a mooooooove on and read the show for this one.


Claudio lets us know his feelings on bum ass convict Golden. Always enjoy a good Ry video.



CG burying Jasmin and calling her a leach, wild. "bank-addicted drug robber Aries" I'm assuming that's a deliberate sentence as opposed to a mistake. CG basically taking shots at everyone to suck up to John after saying his partner isn't shit. Don't fool John, he's a bit simple.


MATCH - Chris Greene vs. Mark Reese


Reese returns, Greene sets out his stall and the game acts strange to all of us in the match. Chris is very fun to play against, hopefully get to do something in the future with them.


Furiosa hammers home that Zoe belongs to the Kasstians now and Rust needs to fuck off. Furiosa using the word "cosplay" doesn't really fit in my mind, but it's there on the page.


Queen of OCW announcement 3! It's Killer Heels herself, Ashley Moore.


And that's a wrap on page three.





Page four opens with my brain turning to soup after someone landed on my head and neck last night.


It actually opens with Empress and Ashley continuing their feud with a near miss from a "family member" of Emp's. The BFF ring is hit.


Dillinger and Sampsin have something brewing. What's the damn code?!


Baxter is back out for the Clarke effect, it almost felt like a retirement speech. Maybe that's just me?


MATCH - Sheldon vs Claudio


Sheldon vs Claudio was mad fun. Not quite as fun as Trey breakdancing though.








SUE NOW!?!?!


The wholesome attacks are getting out of hands.


Quartz addresses the Kasstianity situation, he points out this isn't just a game, it's his life, it's still real to him damn it!


Queen of OCW announcement! Who's that Pokémon?! It's Furiosa.


MATCH: The Last Bullshit vs. John Carter


Average match to be expected with such a gulf in skill. Hito's jibes made it acceptable as a main event in my opinion.

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