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OCWFED.COM EXCLUSIVE: Champion Sent to Hospital


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An official release from OCWFed management confirms rumors that circulated late Friday night on social media.


CCW World Champion Inness Quartz, who was interrupted during an in-ring edition of "The Clark Effect", needed to be taken to the hospital following a very high angle chair shot, which clipped Quartz in the back of his head, causing a very deep cut.


The assailant, former CCW World Champion Wrex, staked his claim to Quartz' world championship through an apparent collaboration with Christian Garcia.


The chairshot was followed up by several stiff shots to the face of Quartz, with the sound of his head bouncing off the mat being heard throughout the Barclay's Center.


Rumors of the injury began to circulate as many fans in attendance were audience to a host of medical staff rushing to Quartz' side shortly after the attack. Those watching live on Twitch.tv were not privy to the concern, as the camera remained focused on Wrex throughout the duration of the segment.


Quartz was helped to the back by medical staff with several towels over his head attempting to stop the bleeding coming from the back of Quartz head.


OCWFed confirmed the extent of the injury this morning, clarifying that Quartz did receive a major cut and required 8 staples in his head after the show. However, officials at OCW are confident that no serious head injury occurred due to the attack. As a precaution, OCW officials have also confirmed that Quartz will not be in the building at RIOT 597.




Wrex and Quartz' were a part of one of the largest rivalries in modern OCW history 3 years ago, as both men entered an Elimination Chamber match in the main event of Wrestlution 14 along with Kassidy Hayes, Jacob Trance, Rust Cohle, and B17. Before that, he also failed to win back the CCW Championship in two separate triple threat matches with Kassidy Hayes. Despite Quartz' attempts to reconcile, it appears Wrex still places at least some level of blame on Quartz himself for costing him the CCW Championship.


The two most recently competed in a highly physical battle in the main event of RIOT on December 2nd, where Wrex emerged victorious, becoming the first man to pin Quartz in a singles match since he captured the CCW Championship in June of last year. The former head of "Scumciety" and founder of the Scumchester Academy Wrestling "school" rejected Quartz' post-match offer of a handshake and attacked him with a lariat.


Wrex, who last held world championship gold in January of 2020, has not issued a comment on the situation and is expected to appear on RIOT 597.




With about a month to go before the 18th Anniversary Show, there will certainly be a lot on Wrex's mind heading into what should be an explosive edition of RIOT 597 this Friday at 7PM ET, live on Twitch.tv/ocwfed.

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Guy gets one shot upside the head with a chair and gets the night off, I get assaulted by a HGH gorilla and I gotta fight the world champion the next night.


My brother is a bit fragile mentally and physically. He needs both mental ward and hospital on speed dial for Friday Nights.



You on the other hand talk too much caca. Sensation isn’t going to pay for your medical for that.

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