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Wrestlution 3


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Mr.Sensation Presents



My mic is shot so this will have to do for the moment. In a few short weeks the 3rd annual OCWFED Presents Wrestlution will kick off. This in itself is a grand achievement, rather than rush to make a "BIG END SHOW" right out of the gate OCWFED chose to wait a whole year before we made our dream a reality. The end result is a huge event that feels the part, everyone dresses just a little bit nicer, Role Plays are just a little bit better, and video packages are just a little bit more well put together.


That being said for those who dont know or understand, Lution is a HUGE HUGE HUGE DEAL. To even be a part of it is an honor among itself. Being a part of lution is never a given so if you are booked you should put forth that extra effort. To that point I have noticed minor and albeit annoying trends in FPR. I want to make it crystal clear Wrestlution is pretty much the only time I can sit down and enjoy the fruits of OCWFED.


The wrestlers make the wheels go round, the gm's book the matches and im just that guy who admins. Its very simple, a Zero Tolerance policy will be implemented at Wrestlution 3, if I feel you are not up to snuff via FPR or Ethics wise you will be released promptly after Wrestlution 3. Sadly it has come to this because as nice as I try to be people just love to fuck with my good nature. Many people have grown accustomed to a lax lifestyle with absolutely no fear of reprisal, or penalty. Everyone feels there jobs are secure as long as they have a body temperature. The end result is a product that is barely watchable at times, a huge divide from A to B.


So to once again make it clear, if at Wrestlution 3 I see anything that rubs me the wrong way, you will be released from OCWFED.NET. You will not be banned but you will lose all your privileges that you have earned as a wrestler and will be demoted to Fan account. If you choose to stay or leave that is your choice. But FPR and Myself will then see it fit to give you the once over in the event that you will not replicate said infractions.


Allot of you have been here for years so you assume you are safe, allot of you just want to win and you assume you are safe. You are not, I will not have the Grand Show of the year tainted by poor, ethics or the excuse of FPR Stupidity, if you want to be safe talk to FPR police if you have any questions or make your comments public. But know that come Wrestlution 3 On the Grandest stage of The E-Fed World it can also be your judgement day. I will not have a years worth of work thrown down the fucking toilet because you want the W, I will not have a years worth of work destroyed because you are to fucking inept to the know the differences from right and wrong. This goes from both the Attack and defensive position you all know the fucking score so I dont need to use examples. I am sick and tired of the same shit week in and week out, enough is enough. If it means that 10+ people are released so fucking be it.


The time to shape up is not now, its then, I know this game offers horrible modes and many ethical choices but it is up to you to make those correct choices. Excuses will no longer be tolerated from the bottom to the top. I dont care if you are a Main Eventer or a Curtain Jerker. Get your shit together or pack your bags.


Thank You and goodluck


 15-06, 18:20 Tiberius Dupree make him tap with brownie mix


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Hell yes!!! Now, if you only stick with this, OCW will rise again

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This is america, if you want to throw your hard earned sweat money on a videogame gambling site and thus deny you and your family food and shelter THAN BY GOD DAMMIT YOU CAN, BECAUSE THIS IS AMERICA YOU COMMIE SOCIALIST.



Now then when Can I expect your next donation?


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This Lution will be the best one yet...


as its my first... and I`m hoping to raise the stakes and make it my best PPV effort as this is the big daddy of them all...

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