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Baxter in court

Chris Baxter

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*Baxter is in in court waiting for his name to be called, he looks around.. he spots Double A leaving the court room after another drunk and disordy conduct charge*



Balif: Christopher Baxter


*Baxter walks up to the judge*


Judge: Mr. Baxter you are charged with Drunk driving and assulting a police officer.. and you lucky hes not going to charge you with attempted murder, lets see, resisting arrest, and a few other charges. how do you pleed


Baxter: that bloddy landlubber assaulted me, and i have the bloody scars to prove it


Judge: Son, just answer my question


Baxter: and that son of a gun killed one of my crewmates, if he didnt have that blasted gun he would of been sharkbait


Judge: Answer my damn question or you will be chraged with contept of this court. how do you plead Mr. Baxter; Guilty or not guity


Baxter: *sighs* Aye, guilty


Judge: thank you, two years probation, 50 hours community service, a phicatric evaluation because you think your a pirate, and if you keep with these outburts i will send you to jail and you will be bunking with "Pirates" for the next 3 years, understood


Baxter: aye


Judge: Balif; excort mr Baxter out so he can pay his fine


*Baxter is excourted into the next room*


Receptionist: Ok Mr..... Baxter .. you total comes to $80,000 will you be paying today or later on


Baxter: Aye, be paying it off, are dubloons ok


Receptionist: No, if you want you have untill May 1st to pay it off


Baxter: fine.. you'll have your money by then


receptionist: now take a right out this door and wait for a probation officer.. she'll be telling you where your going to be doing you community service since you move around so much with your job


*baxter takes the corner and sit down waiting for someone*


Baxter: This is total BS.. im a pirate.. im supposed to be sailing free .. not locked up


Porbation officer: Mr.. Baxter is it .. well you certainly got youself in a pickle..

well i called your company and they gave me the locations of your shows for the next several months.. and sice your sailing so much you must know about swimming so for the next few months you will be teaching little kids how to swim


Baxter: You got to be shitting me.. right .. i got to teach little brats how to float ... cant i just do what me father did, n throw em overboard with a rope on the other end of the ship and they have to swim to it if they want to survive


Officer: Mr. Baxter!!! that is no way to talk.. you will also be helping with the senior exercises as well.. and the ones around here are such a colorful bunch


Baxter: aww shit .. fine.. ill show up.. what time does this shit strat n finish so i can get this crap over with


Officer: Tomarrow at 4 is the kids swim lessons and 5:30 for the seniors i expect you to be there around 3:45 for a check in.. the main desk will be tracking the times you arrive and leave so i will know.


Baxter: fine fine .. can i leave now .. i want to get my effects and ship back .. do you know how much it would be to get my ship out of the impound


Officer: $25,000


Baxter: Son of a .....


*baxter leaves the courtroom and gets to get his effects downstairs.. scene ends as baxter is shaking his head trying to get a taxi to the impound lot*





ᛨ ꖾᚣᛠᛊ ᚴᛜᏌ ᛕᚣᛢᛢ

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