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What you didn't see at Riot. 7-17-08 edition

Vincent Valmont

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*After leaving the Bloodline lockeroom with his Poodle in his arms, Vincent returns to his lockeroom. Jim Black soon catches up with Vincent, as the camera shoots on Vincent getting ready to leave the arena, after packing his things*


Jim: Vincent?


Vincent: Look, Jim. I know you're just doing your job, and you're the best at it, but I'm about to leave. I don't feel like staying, I got re-modeling plans to attend to with my new house.


Jim: I understand, but I just need to catch a few statements from you. As I'm just doing my job, like you said.


*Vincent sighs, as he looks down at his poodle, who is barking at Jim*


Vincent: Don't mind him, he just doesn't like you.


*Crowd pops, as the shot goes back to the dog, who begins to attack Jim's ankle. Vincent finally takes his poodle, and walks over to the bathroom, and locks it inside, then attends back to Jim*


Vincent: .....He must not really like you.


Jim: So, I've noticed. *looking down at his torn pants*


Vincent: Well, give me these questions, before I end this interview early.


Jim: After going through the pain, and agony of getting your house burnt down, and believed to think that your beloved poodle was inside the house at the time of the burning, only to realize that it's still alive, and it was in the care of Bloodline, and Poe. What are your thoughts about that?


Vincent: My only thought is that I knew someone couldn't be that twisted.


Jim: I understand, well....


*Jim is cut off mid sentence*


Vincent: BUT, that doesn't mean he's off the hook. Don't think for a second that I am just going to let any of his pranks slide by. It's just, quite frankly, I have bigger plans to worry about than a makeup wearing freak. I have a girlfriend who's expecting my first born child in 8 months *Crowd pop*, and I have a new house to help re-model.


Jim: Well, what is your next move?


Vincent: My next move, you say? I guess you'll just find out when everyone else does.


Jim: And that's when?


Vincent: Whenever I feel like revealing it. Poe likes to play the games, so I'm going to play some back with him. I may choose to attack him on sight next week, or make him sweat a little bit, who knows? But, I will guarantee that his life is in for a rude awakening, and I'm the delivery boy!


*Vincent signals for Jim to leave the lockeroom*


Jim: I have a few more questions for you, Vincent.


Vincent: No, you don't.


*Jim looks confused*


Vincent: As you see my time here was going to be short regardless of getting back my poodle or not, I came here to find Poe, and beat the makeup off his face, but after finding my poodle, I got a quick epiphany.


Jim: Care to share that with me?


Vincent: Care to share another meeting with my poodle?


Jim: ...But, I......


*Vincent grins, and walks quickly over to the bathroom door. He opens it, and with a quick burst, his poodle rushes out. It goes straight after Jim who flees the lockeroom, as the crowd gives off a huge pop. Scene fades on Vincent laughing, and Jim Black running down the hallway*

OCW's 2008's Most Improved Wrestler

2x OCW Heavyweight Champion

2x OCW Hardcore Champion

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Thank you bold for trying to warn him, but it's too late.


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Best Feud Nomination in 2008

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