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Sick of it, the day, your ruined this, awaken my rage

Katzino Hatachi

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*Cameras open up in a old ruined plantation home in the humid south of Georgia. Windows boarded, rusty nails emerging from the steps, with the paint peeling dry like sun burnt skin.*


*Into the house with the door creaking open with the henges flaking off the rust with the smell of rotting and spoiled food.*


*Coming in passing the kitchen you spot the stench.*


*Nothing has been eaten for months and days.*


*Coming you see rags, stained blood with scabs of flesh.*


*Entering the dinning room Ministry sits in a broken chair with sweat dripping from his brow. *


*Reclused into this southern hell hole only beams of light emerge in a amazing darkness.*


*Ministry's body is marked with finger nail marks only from himself in torment of self abuse.*


*Ministry's hair weathered from the grime of his own filth. This should has been a loss, this is not the marbled mythical beast we have been accustomed to seeing.*



I am sick of myself begging for the pure to save me.

I don't care what you or anyone comes to me and your need.

Denying you , and above all your pathetic faith only to please me now.


A secret circle, hard efforts disappear, family never lies as a monster once told me.


There's no excuse's from my point of view. You're all pulling me left and right.


I've had it up to here.


It's making me sick to see you all alive.


Enough of conspiracy 'cause you cannot win with this.


When you see me again you will all be my enemy, just be afraid...


I'll turn your lives into dust, take everything you've become.

Just to go back where you've come from and disappear from here.


Like a bomb I will release my anger.


*Ministry swing his fist sideways smashing it threw the board covering the window and glass.*


*Pulling his arm close to him you see the blood pour, drip by drip staring at his own life leaking to quench the dried out wooden flooring.*


I'm wide awake but I don't feel alive. I could drain my blood and wait to die.


No one will prove a treat, i want you to cut me open, knives slashing my flesh.


You should know these black empty eyes will drill holes in your spine.


Let me take you to a quiet place, where I can drain you in peace.


I will teach you all a new meaning of fear.


*Ministry looking up out threw the broken window into the scorched land scape.*


It sets me free to hear you scream. I will come closer and you will let me taste your blood that tastes so sweet.


When you realize what you have done & reach out and seek forgiveness. No one will be there.


When I come for you don't you try to run and hide from me, I won't let you escape from me. The titles seem nice but You're my trophies and I'll never let you go while binded I'm gonna walk away.


You see there is nothing you can do because I am in this for my own sacrifice.


*Ministry slowly turns his head as his hair remains to cover his face as the blood from his arm still drips into a puddle of his own sweat.*

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I personally prefer your cousin more but a tag team would be sick....also I think the whole southern, texas chainsaw massacre/devil's reject's look an direction could be good for you



lano15: liddel got KO'd!!!

lano 15: thats what i am gonna do to you in UFC

mastamatt1: i'm gonna drop you so hard you're gonna think you're Nick Cage the actor

mastamatt1: & the name of our fight will be gone in 60 seconds

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