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Must Read Prior Too Turmoil: Air Saga Continues: Ripping The Hide-out!

The Air

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Lots of text gentlemen, but I hope you can take your time too read it and find it all worth it in the end! Now let's begin!




Ripping the hide-out


* When we last met CJ Hoppus and The Air found out the secret hide-out of Jack Porter. When they opened the door both men were welcomed by an undead figure in the distance. How will things go from here on. Will The Air get back his EX-title and wife or shall Jack Porter execute revenge on him and kill him! Also what role will CJ Hoppus play in this. All that will be revealed as the story continues. *


* First Air and CJ are startled by the sudden appearance of the skeleton. As they notice it doesn’t move they enter the building. In the distance they can see a note attached too the skeleton. *


The Air: I hope that’s not Natalia.


CJ: Don’t worry. I’m sure Porter still needs her too get too you.


The Air: I hope your right! Let’s take a closer look at that note!


* As The Air moves too the skeleton he grabs the note out of the skeletons hand. Suddenly the skeleton’s hand moves an inch down. A massive iron door falls down and replaces the old broken door and both CJ Hoppus and The Air seem too be trapped in Porter’s hide-out now. CJ gets a lighter out of his pocket too shed some light as both Air and CJ read the note. *


“This is not your wife, it’s a trap!”


Kill you always,




* After reading the note a red light comes from within the skeleton and a blue, yellow and red door appear. Suddenly the jaws of the skeleton move and Porter’s voice can be heard coming from the skeleton. *


Skeleton Porter: In search for your bride, title or your death. These three doors will take you there, but which two will you pick. Will it be Red, Yellow or Blue! The answer lies within you! Just don’t Chicken out on me! Hahahhahahaaa!!!!


The Air: What does that mean?


CJ Hoppus thinks hardly: Well let’s take a door each. If one of us gets it wrong. The other one can still save your Title and Natalia.


The Air: Isn’t that a big risk too take? He’s playing with our lives after all.


CJ Hoppus: You want too save them or not. I’ll take the yellow door and you take the blue door.

The Air: Why not the red?


CJ Hoppus: Red is the colour of Blood and Murder. Also he said the answer lies within you. The colour of air is blue isn’t it. And my attire nowadays is gold, which he probably has mistaken for yellow. Thus we’ll take those doors. Retrieve Natalia and your Ex-title and see too live another day.


The Air: Allright! Makes sense. Let’s go the sooner I get out of this place, the better.


* The Air enters the blue door while CJ goes through the yellow door. The scene moves too The Air who can be found in a large corridor. He slowly walks forward too the end of the large corridor too find himself in a large hall in the middle of the hall there run some stairs and large pictures of knights fighting dragons too get too the gold are aligned too the wall. In the middle of the great hall there is a casing in which shines something. The Air moves closer too the casing carefully looking around him as he is expecting a sudden attack of Jack Porter. While he gets closer too the casing he sees the EX-title lie within the casing.*

The Air: Finally, my title back! Now how too get into this casing!


*Air tries too carefully remove the casing, but finds it securely locked tight. Not one too give up at the first try The Air tries too break open the casing, by preparing a carefully placed kick on top of the casing. Air kicks the casing, but only succeeds in hurting his leg. As he tends too his leg, he suddenly sees a note on the floor. Air reads the note: *


The EX-title smiles upon you, but it cannot be reached, without get leached. The key is in a vase, but which of the four too choose, one will get you too some booze. Unharmful as it is, it will give you another chance. The second will not be popular by the fans. Injuries await those that dig deep within this vase. The third will hurt, but leads you too your goal. The fourth however will bury you deeper then a mole.


Still trying too kill you,




PS: Your only tip, too not let you rip is: Follow the Clock down!


Air: Vases? What vases? And what is this tip of a Clock!


* Suddenly four vases arise from the floor. *


Air: The bastard! He’s just toying with me! I’ll just kick a vase over and be done with it.


* The Air walks too a vase and tries too kick it over, but he fails as the vase seems too be securely locked too the floor *


Air: Dammit! I hoped this was going too be simple.


* The Air not knowing what else too do puts his hand in the vase and finds a cord of string. He pulls the string and he releases a stop within the vase, which suddenly permits a strange sense of alcohol. As he feels around deeper in the vase he cannot find a key, but he also doesn’t find anything dangerous. As The Air sighs from relieve that he doesn’t find a quick death, he begins too ponder which vase too pick now. Unconsciously The Air let’s the stop drop too the floor. Startled by the noise it makes in the quiet building, he looks down and finds the number One in front of the vase he just checked. Suddenly The Air smiles as he figured the clues out. *


The Air: If this is vase one with the alcohol. Then the opposite must have a number in front of it too. I just need too find vase number three. Get the key and retrieve my EX-title.


* After checking the other vases he cannot find numbers in front of them. Air is a bit at a loss, he thought he figured it out. He walks back too the number one vase and sits down against it. *

The Air: Dammit! Can’t figure this out! Wish CJ was here! I hope he has found and freed Natalia by now! *sigh*


* The Air rests his head against the vase and raises his eyes up in despair. As too ask god for some guidance. Though this narrator doesn’t know if God exists or not, The Air suddenly finds him looking at a painting of a clock that is hanging up the second floor. *

The Air: It’s the clock! What did that note say again? “Your only tip, too not let your rip is: Follow the clock down!” Seems I need too look at the painting then look down.

* As the Air takes the painting of the clock as a begin point he follows the stairs down too let his sights look upon a vase. *


Air: That must be the vase with the key!


* Air quickly walks up too the vase and puts his hand in. He finds yet another stop and quickly pulls it out! Suddenly a bunch of leaches are released as they begin too suck on Air’s hand. Which seemingly hurt as we take a glance of Air’s face. Air pulls his hand out with a bunch of leaches attached too him. *


Air: Where’s is that *bleeping* key?


* The Air puts his hand back in and checks the bottom of the vase thoroughly going through the many leaches that reside there, he finally gets his hand on the key. Air pulls his hand out of the vase and puts the key in his other hand. He prays the leaches of his hand with help of the key. Which leave a few marks on his hand. Quickly he turns too the casing and opens it, gets his Ex-title, kisses it and puts it around his waist. Air moves back too the corridor he came from as the scene turns too CJ Hoppus, who is checking room by room, but doesn’t find anyone or anything. Lastly there is only one room left too check at the far end of the corridor he resides in. CJ opens the door and finds it virtually empty, except for a belt that lies face-down on the floor. CJ thrilled he found the EX-title grabs it from the floor and turns the belt face-up. He then looks at a skull belt with a note attached too it!


CJ reads the note on the skull belt: *


Death awaits you now! Have a nice death!


Your killer,




CJ: Shit! I choose the wrong door!


* Suddenly the door closes behind him shut and the walls around him go down in the floor and are replaced by spikes with explosives attached too him. *

CJ: Isn’t this overkill!


* CJ turns too the door too try to open it, but it’s securely locked down. Then the walls start too close down on him! The room then turns black and the scene turns too The Air. Who is back too the starting point with the three coloured doors. Suddenly he can hear a big explosion in the far end of the building. The skeleton starts too glow back up too red and Porter’s voice can be heard coming from the skeleton again. *


Skeleton Porter: Your friend is dead! Only you remain! Can you save the girl! Will your love conquer or will you let it dwell. Pick the door you know so well! And remember love hurts!


Air: Shit, seems CJ was wrong. The yellow door leads too death. Dammit! Porter will pay for this! I’m not going too give up! I’ll save Natalia and get out of this place!


* With that pep talk too himself. The Air enters through the red door. He finds himself in a corridor with a staircase leading down too the basement. In the far distance he can hear water running. The Air walks carefully down the stairs. As he gets too the end of the stairs he sees only one door too enter. Air opens the door and finds himself in the boiler room. In front of him Natalia resides naked in a casing filled with water and an oxygen mask around her face, with chains holding her tightly within the casing. In front of the casing is a TV. The Air glad too have finally found Natalia runs too her, but in doing so steps on a stone that closes the door behind him and turns on the TV. On the TV the Skeleton in the entrance of the building can be seen again! Again it speaks with Porter’s voice. *


Skeleton Porter: Congratulations on coming this far! You have found your girl, but can you save her! Or will you let her drown. Time ticks! Tick! Tick! Tick! Boom!!! It will go when letting her drown, I’m sure of it your shitting your pants brown! She has only got one minute of air left! And as you know how can someone breath without no air! Air! Air! Air! Well I can! Make a bad day good for me and just die! My oh, my oh my! What a wonderful place this would be! Hahahahhahahaa!!!!! Oh, yeah I almost forgot your last tip: If you have saved it since the last time using it, it will come in handy too save the one who is precious too you!




* In frustration The Air grabs the TV with the laughing Porter Skeleton on screen and throws it against the casing. Which doesn’t even dent by the TV! The Air then tries too climb on the casing. Meanwhile the clock is ticking down and Natalia has only 30 seconds of air left. The Air frantically tries too pray the top cover of the casing. 15 seconds of air left! He gets a good grip on the casing and pulls it off it’s hinges, but in doing so drops back too the floor. 5 seconds of air left. He quickly climbs the casing and gets in the water. Now Natalia hasn’t got any air of the oxygen tank left anymore. As The Air goes underwater and tries too break her shackles in vain, Natalia is really running out of air now. The Air goes up the casing too get a deep breath of air and then goes back too kiss Natalia. In doing so he gives himself some more time too save Natalia. Air goes back up too take a breather himself. *


Air: What does it mean? If you have saved it since the last time using it, it will come in handy too save the one who is precious too you! Dammit! What help is that I just need a *bleeping* key too get those shackles of her! Wait what key? The key that unlocked my EX-title. That must be it! Where did I put it?


* Air is searching his pockets, but searches in vain for the key. It isn’t in his pockets *


Air: I’m sure of it! I had the key in my pockets! *air panics* What too do now?


* Suddenly he sees the key laying on the floor in front of the casing. At the place where he just landed when ripping the top cover of the casing. He quickly pulls himself out of the casing and drops too the floor. Taking the pain of the drop. He picks up the key. Meanwhile Natalia’s vital signs are slowly fading. Air hurries too climb up the casing and gets in the water. He dives down and kisses her again prolonging her existence with a few seconds, may’be half a minute tops. Air uses the key too get the chains of her. Air grabs Natalia by her waist and gets too the surface. Air climbs up the casing and let Natalia slowly drop too the floor then jumps down himself. Natalia doesn’t seem too breath and Air quickly gives her CPR. She then throws up a bunch of water and starts too cough heavily. She tries too speak, but Air looks deep in her eyes and puts a finger too her mouth too stop her from speaking. *


Air: You know I love you! And you knew I would come for you! This is all over! We can finally go home now!


* Natalia nods gently as The Air carries her back up the stairs and too the beginning of the entrance. As they enter the room the skeleton makes a red light again and a Porter’s voice sounds yet again from the skeleton. *


Skeleton Porter: You have reached it, this far! I would have never imagined! Congratulations! Only one more choice too make too get a save escape. Go up the white stairs and you will find heavenly bliss or go down the black one and find yourself in the eye of the beholder.


Air: Dammit! You and your games! I don’t know what the black one means, but if I think what the white one means! I’ll take the black one!


* Air runs up the black stairs and finds himself in another corridor. At the far end he sees a sign that says “Emergency Exit”. *


Air still carrying Natalia: I knew it! An exit at last!


* The Air quickly walks up too the exit! When a familair voice speaks too him! *


??? : You may have survived my traps, but you are not making a clean escape! I will kill you myself!!!!


* The camera zooms in too the man that holds a gun too The Air and Natalia! The man with the gun steps out of the shadows. The man with the gun is none other then Jack Porter! *


Porter: Long time no see, Air!


Air in disgust: Likewise!


Porter: Finally I have you were I want you. I will kill you take your wife and EX-title back and take your place as the so-called FIRST EX-CHAMPION! But tell me first how you knew which stairs too take?


Air: Simple! A stair that leads too heaven. Leads also too you death. So that was the one not too pick.


Porter: Your smarter then I thought. Oh well, doesn’t matter anymore. I will take over your life! Have a nice death!


Air holds the naked Natalia tightly too his chest: Your fucking crazy!


* Porter doesn't respond back and aims the gun at The Air, who cannot do nothing back in return as he is carrying Natalia. Porter pulls the cock of the gun and his finger is going too the trigger. Then a *BANG! PANG!* can be heard. Air in shock drops too the floor. He feels for the position where he has been shot, but can’t feel it! Air then looks in front of him and sees Porter unconscious on the floor! Behind him a man steps out of the shadows! *


Air: CJ! I thought you were dead!


CJ: He needs too get up earlier if he wants too defeat me. He thought he had locked me up, but he didn’t thought of covering up the air duct! Go figure that, that saved my life!


Air: Hahahaha, good CJ! I’m glad your ok!


CJ: And Natalia?


Air: She is going too be ok! Probably only needs some fresh air of oxygen. I recovered her and my Ex-title, but I couldn’t have done it without you CJ!


CJ: No problem, but remember you owe me a favour now!


Air: Hahahaha, I sure do and you deserve it after all of this! Let’s call the cops and celebrate. Porter won’t be going anywhere soon!


* As Air carrying Natalia and CJ beside him walk out of the building and into the underdog van. CJ grabs the phone too call police as Air tends too Natalia and puts a cloth around her naked body. Sirens can be heard in the distance of police cars and ambulances. As the scene fades too black and the credits roll *

2k8? I havent figured out 2k7 yet - Big Joe D


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I don't think I like the cops.


I mean...


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