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What you didn't see. Riot 9-11-08

Vincent Valmont

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*Camera fades backstage. As Riot is about to go off the air, Vincent Valmont is seen with his gym bag strapped over his shoulder and a emotionless, blank stare on his face. Jim Black awaits around the corner for Vincent. Jim tries to catch a few words with him, but no luck is drawn*


Jim: Vincent....Vince?


*Jim continues to try and get a quick word with Vincent about what happened earlier, but Vincent doesn't speak. He doesn't even look at Jim. He just continues walking towards the doors*

Jim: Vincent? I'm just trying to do my job, if only I could get a brief word about what happened earlier between you and The International Champion, The Steve?


*Vincent stops with his hand reaching for the exit doors. He pulls back his hand and glances back at Jim*


Vincent: What did you just say?


*Jim begins to be cautious, as he hesitiates to answer*


Jim: ....I said that I was wanting to get a brief word about the actions that occured between you and OCW's International Champion, The St---


Vincent: That's what I thought you said. Pay attention, Jim. Fully understand what I'm about to say.


*Jim nods in agreement*


Vincent: The Steve may hold that belt, but he will NEVER be a true champion. Not in my eyes, or all of OCW's fans. He doesn't respect that title, or anybody else who held it before him. He's a disgrace to the belt, and he will never give it any prestige as long as he hold that belt.


Jim: But he did prove everyone wrong and beat The Kang for it.


Vincent: Sure he finally won a big time match, and beat Kang for the title. I'll give him that, but that still doesn't mean he deserves it. This isn't about me, or about The Steve. It's about that title and what our fans deserve to see holding that belt. I can't say I'm the one these fans want to see holding that belt, but I'm damn sure is the only person stepping up to be that somebody. In my eyes I am that somebody, and come September 2008....will be a month that The Steve will never forget!


*Vincent pushes Jim out of his way, and the scene fades on the closing exit doors*

OCW's 2008's Most Improved Wrestler

2x OCW Heavyweight Champion

2x OCW Hardcore Champion

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nice shit valmont. you used to write lame shit, but it definatly has gotten better

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The Steve is gonna kill you......move along.


2 x Hardcore Champion (Longest defending OCW champ,19 defences)

1 x NA Champion

1 x Pride Champion

1 x TV Champion

2 x OCW World Heavyweight Champion

F.I Winner 2012

MOTN vs Leonheart @ Wrestlution 7


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