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Earlier today before Turmoil

Nate Ortiz

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On their way to the office Nate Ortiz and Tiffany are stopped by Nathan Gaines in the hallway. Nate motions for Tiffany to go ahead as he can sense Nathan has something to say.

Nate: What do I owe the honor.

Nathan: There is no honor with you and what you've began to become.

Nate: Oh ok I’m going to get the same talk Deano has given me the last two weeks. I’m not in the mood so slap me now so I can introduce you to the cement floor and get on my way.

Nathan: I wouldn’t slap you but I have no problem communicating with you in the ring.

Nate: Is that a challenge?

Nathan: I guess it is.

Nate: I hope you know what you’ve stepped into.

Nate walks by Nathan who stands shaking his head in disgust as the camera fades.

May 29 2005 - Oct 6 2010


Mr. 1 in 365?

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