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OCW Superstar's Family is Safe

Stacy Clark

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During the Live Television Broadcast of OCW Turmoil, it was witnessed that a masked attacker, tied and terrorized the wife and son of Sean Anderson (Wrestling Persona Nathan Gaines). Upon arriving to the scene, Sean Anderson placed a 911 call to the local Police at 10:23 pm PT, who arrived to the scene minutes later. The police claimed that the break in occured around 9:15 pm PT, and that the entry point was through an upstairs window. The motive behind the crime is still unclear, as Police reported no money or valuable items stolen. The only item missing, according to the family was a picture off of the family fire place. No word yet on what the picture was


Jeni Anderson, 26, and Samuel Anderson, 3, where taken to the local hospital for minor bruises and rope burn, but other wise seemed uninjuried.

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