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(SPOILERS)After Riot Went Off the Air(SPOILERS)

Jacob Trance

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EMT's begin to load Aries into the back of an ambulance, a small crowd of fans and trainers gathering in concern after witnessing the brutal attack. As he's bumped up into the ambulance Trance comes running into the parking lot, looking absolutely distraught, but not in anyway out of breath.


He looks around, his eyes wide with worry.


Jacob Trance: "What the fuck happened?"


Jim Black: "Hazard and Hostile attacked Aries, where the hell were you? The crowd were chanting your name!"


Jacob Trance: "I... I was in the shower, I didn't know... Oh fuck is he okay?"


EMT: "You can come with him, he claims his family's deserted him and that you're like a brother to him."


Trance shakes his head, robbed of words as he looks at the bloodied mess of his friend and climbs into the ambulance.


Aries: "Ye came..."


Aries sounds absolutely wrecked, his face looking like a scene from a horror movie as Trance settles down beside him in the passenger chair, taking his friends hand.


Jacob Trance: "It's gonna be okay Stephen, it's going to be okay... We're taking you to the hospital."


Aries: "Shaun, I... I can't see you properly... Ye... Ye look like Trance, are we back in the farm house?"


Jacob stares in disbelief his friend seeming to have been whacked senseless.


Jacob Trance: "Stephen! It IS me Trance, Shaun's back in Scotland... Dealing with your divorce... And... STEPHEN WAKE UP!"


Jacob punches the side of the medical trolley as a paramedic pushes Trance backwards as the ambulance comes to a stop and he's wheeled inside.


------------------------SCENE CHANGE----------------------------------


We come back with Aries lying in a hospital bed, hooked up to a heart reader, beep, beep, beep. Trance sits alone in a chair at his bed side.


Jacob Trance: "I called your brother, I know you can't hear me now, but I'm sorry I didn't help you. I'm sorry for the way your life has turned out."


Jacob Trance: "When we came here, you, my brother and I... We had all of these hopes and dreams, slowly it started to fall apart, John suffered that heart attack, but you were there for me."


Jacob Trance: "And how do I repay you? Tonight I wasn't there for you, tonight I let Hazard and Hostile do... Do... THIS! I let them leave you a fucking wreck Stephen. You've been my guiding light, my fucking BROTHER no matter what everyone says, and... And..."


Trance looks up from his hands, looking at Aries lying in bed.


Jacob Trance: "I left you there, I let you take a beating, and I'm sorry for everything..."


Trance smirks, his mood suddenly changing as a vicious grin takes his face. He leans closer to the unconcious Aries, pressing his lips against the man's unhearing ears.


Jacob Trance: "Although there is one thing I'm not sorry for... Fucking your wife..."


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Whoa...what a show. Finally finished watching, lots of good stuff, all in all, put me in a better mood about the current status of the place. Gonna post a decent review tomorrow probably. A happy tone review, with less blasting at people, just because...


Really great show though, ppv quality, and outstanding effort.


MY RP was a show?


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"Address people randomly interrupting your offense without attempting to reverse, or when they just continue with their own shit, after you reverse them. Especially with corner springboards from getting irish whipped, extremely bad ethics"



~Cuz Porter Says So~

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