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  1. Amid the towering skyscrapers of New York City, the bustling streets teemed with chaotic energy. Pedestrians hurried along the sidewalks, lost in their own world of hurried footsteps and ringing cell phones. As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting the city in an orange and purple glow, a ripple of excitement swept through the crowd. Flashing cameras, a frenzy of microphones, and a cluster of eager reporters could be seen converging on a single point in the distance. From the epicenter of the commotion, two figures emerged, unmistakably “GMZ” journalists. They moved with a ruthless determination, their eyes locked on their target, their cameras already clicking furiously. They make their move towards the familiar, famous face. The man stops dead in his tracks with a Cheshire grin plastered across his face. As the tabloid journalists get closer, the man comes into a clearer view. OCW World Heavyweight Champion, Aries. The Top G. He proactively approaches the GMZ crowd, and brings the stampede of cameras and boom mics to a halt. Aries: “I know everyone loves The Top G, but I didn’t think you guys were becoming THIS rabid.” The crowd of journalists look around at each other in confusion as the camera flashes stop. Aries: “Before any of you begin the questions or speak, I have a huge announcement to make. I’m honestly happy the paparazzi showed up for once.” Journalist: “Wha–” Aries: “Now, now. Give me a moment! I know you’re all eager to hear what I have to say. I know you’re all hungry for a scoop. Luckily for you weasels, I have the BIGGEST scoop.” Journalist: “But—” Aries: “Look, I’m going to need to stop interrupting me. Get those cameras on me, do you understand?” The champ readjusts the OCW World Heavyweight Championship around his waist and looks straight into one of the multiple cameras. Aries: “This Friday, October 6th at the Barclays Center. The final challenge commences. King Henry is finally going to fold under the pressure. His pasty skin is going to meet the glow of the red hot Sun.” Aries: “On Turmoil, King Henry is going to learn that what he does to people … it just isn’t right. He wants to come for me. He wants to come for my title? Well, he can dream on. The Top G is going to take him to task.” Aries pulls the title off from around his waist and places it on his shoulder. Aries: “People whisper that King Henry has the deadliest chop in pro wrestling history. They say he can bring a God to his knees with that knife’s edge.” The Top G smirks and starts to cackle like a 1980’s supervillain. Aries: “That’s just because they haven’t experienced The Top Chop. I’m so fast, so deadly. My chops are like the crack of a whip. A gunshot to the chest.” Aries: “What does that mean? I’ll tell you what that means. It means on Turmoil, it’s the “Off with Your Head Challenge.” It’s me and you, King Henry. If you can take as many chops as I can put out, and trust me … I can go all night. If you can withstand my punishment … you’ll get your title match.” Aries: “Good luck, Henry. I don’t care how good of a competitor you are, King. Just keep dreaming, because only I’m walking out of Turmoil. Any questions?” The crowd of journalists continue to stand there in complete confusion, not sure what they’ve even just witnessed or heard. One brave soul raised his hand. Aries: “Yes! You with the mustache.” Mustachioed Paparazzi: “Yeah, I have a question. Who are you?” And with that one deadly question, the look on Aries’ face went from cocky and ecstatic, to completely defeated. Aries: “I’m the OCW…” Before he can finish his sentence, the crowd begins to rile up once more as the real celebrity shows his face across the street. Mustachioed Paparazzi: “LOOK! IT’S GABE SELTZER!!!” The roar of the crowd knocks down The Top G as they rush past him to meet the old wrestling historian. Aries: “....F***ing dirt sheets..” The champ makes it back to his feet and embarrassingly walks off, brushing off his brand new tracksuit. He wraps the title around his waist once more, and angrily opens his phone to conference call his new GOAT Support-System buddies.
  2. So I wanna touch on something really quick because I feel a bit strongly about it. DNS, I absolutely LOVE what you guys have been doing. You're a rookie stable that gets it, and I love it. However, I feel this show showed that yeah, you guys are still getting your feet wet in OCW. If I can, I want to express two criticisms here, so please don't take this to heart. Know I'm saying this because I love wrestling, OCW, and the effort you all put in every week. 1) Jay says a lot of stuff, but two things that stand out that are constant in his suggestions or advice that he gives are "KISS" and "less is more". I feel some of the stuff you did was fine, but then you began overloading the show. Too much of something can definitely be a bad thing, and not necessarily because the content itself is bad. Having your hands in a lot of baskets isn't bad either, but it can be when it stretches you so thin. At the moment, for me, it seems like your stable seems too disorganized, which is a downside when having so many programs and planting so many seeds. My advice here would simply be to look at everything you want to do, and figure out what's important. What HAS to happen this week, and what can wait until the next? Does this thing have to happen at all? It's great that you're all so keen on doing content and you're all so consistent with it, but make me miss you. I want to be asking, "when is DNS going to show up?" 2) My second and final critique is basically this: I don't like that Bash is allowed to take the heat. I see Bash as this mastermind. I don't want him to be getting attacked, because I think with someone like him you need to build it up. Not because he's cowardly, but because he's a fucking genius. He literally took over someone's mind. Use him. Use one of the many meat shields. Bash is the final boss of DNS, imo, regardless of who's good at the game. That's honestly all I have to say, because again, you guys are doing a fantastic job and I hope none of what I said disheartened or offended any of you. I'm a huge fan, and I just want to see more restraint and planning when it comes to your content.
  3. Colby McCallum sat in his cozy home in Ireland, eyes fixed on the television screen. It was an ordinary evening, and he sought solace in the comforting glow of the familiar programs that often graced the living room. However, this night was different. As he flicked through the channels, he stumbled upon a late airing of the recent OCW Turmoil on RTÉ One. His attention was immediately captured when he saw a familiar location on the screen. It was the cemetery where his father, Stephen McCallum, rested in eternal slumber. Colby's heart skipped a beat as he saw the camera pan to a figure standing before the gravestone, a man he wished he didn’t have to see every single week. It was OWEN, The Mat Enforcer. Silently, Colby leaned forward, his eyes locked on the screen. OWEN's voice, narrating the somber scene, resonated through the room. Colby's mother, who had been out for a few hours now, was the topic of discussion. OWEN spoke about her kindness, her unwavering support for Stephen, and the love she had for Colby. As the segment on the show continued, Colby found himself lost in reflection. He remembered the moments his parents shared, the laughter that echoed through their home, and the dreams they had for their family. His eyes welled up with tears, emotions he had suppressed for so long now resurfacing. In that solitary moment, watching OWEN reminisce about his father, Colby realized the profound impact his parents had on him. Their love and guidance shaped him into the person he was today. And though they were physically absent, their spirits continued to dwell within him, a comforting presence that never truly faded away. The segment ended, but the impact lingered. Colby remained seated, allowing the weight of his emotions to settle within him. He knew that life was fleeting, that the bonds we forge and the memories we create are the essence of our existence. With newfound clarity, he resolved to honor his father’s legacy. Colby rose from his seat. He walked towards the old Davenport drawer chest in the hallway and pulled out a notebook and pen, aiming to leave his loving Ma a letter. Ma, I’m going back to America. I need to cave a British man’s face in. I’ll be back in time for dinner. See you soon. Love, Colby Bear He put the short letter where she would see it and stepped outside, gazing up at the starlit sky. A gentle breeze rustled through the trees, carrying with it a sense of peace. In that moment, Colby knew exactly what he had to do.
  4. Colby McCallum, a tall and lanky young man with a perpetually bewildered expression, steps into his Ma’s cozy Irish cottage. The smell of freshly baked soda bread wafts through the air. He looks around, expecting the usual calm and quiet atmosphere. Instead, he is greeted by a flurry of activity. In the living room, Colby's ma, Siobhan, dances around like a whirlwind, clad in a flowery dressing gown and a pair of mismatched socks. She's attempting to put on makeup while simultaneously searching for her missing earring. Colby's eyes widen, and he clutches the grocery bag tighter as he tries to make sense of the chaotic scene. Suddenly, Siobhan spots her reflection in a nearby mirror and gasps. She swiftly removes her dressing gown, revealing a stunning red cocktail dress underneath. Colby's jaw drops as he watches his usually reserved mother transform into an effervescent, glamorous lady. Siobhan grabs a feathered boa and playfully twirls it around, accidentally knocking over a stack of books in the process. Colby tries to stifle a laugh, but it escapes in a snort. Siobhan freezes, her eyes darting towards him, and a mischievous grin spreads across her face. She beckons Colby over, gesturing for him to join in the festivities. Caught off guard, Colby hesitates for a moment before setting down the grocery bag. He mimics his mother's twirl with the feathered boa, but his lack of grace causes him to trip over a stray shoe, nearly toppling a vase of flowers. Colby: “You see that, Ma? You can’t have me tryin’ to dance. I got three left feet.” Siobhan: “Oh, but you look so cute with the boa, Colby Bear!” Colby: “Ma! What the f— heck did I say about callin’ me that? I’m 26 years old!” Siobhan: “You’re right, I forgot. My boy is too old for his ma, now!” Colby and Siobhan burst into laughter. Colby: “Listen, Ma. You know why I’m here. I don’t know what you were thinkin’ lettin’ that balloon-headed pr— JERK, anywhere in this house.” Siobhan: “I was thinkin’ I wanted to talk to someone! You and your sister are off wrestlin’, your Da’s gone. I have no one here! Besides, I thought he was nice!” Colby’s jaw drops again in disbelief, wondering if his Ma had finally gone mental. Colby: NICE?! YOU THINK HE WAS NICE?! Did you not hear anything he said after you left the room?! That man is anything but nice. He’s a big, stupid motherf—” Siobhan: “Watch your mouth now! I’m your Ma, not one of them cheap girls you’re always Tweetin’ and postin’ about!” Colby’s face turns red as the hair on his head, not realizing all the things his Ma had seen were things he thought were private. Colby: “What do you mean Tweetin’?! I was just likin’ things, Ma! I'm a grown-ass man!” Siobhan: “I’ve seen the things you like!You’re lucky Jesus is still in Heaven boy, or he’d probably keel over again with embarrassment!” Colby: “Alright, alright! Enough about that. I’ll do better next time. Now, what were you even gettin’ all fancy for, Ma?” Siobhan: “Fancy? This? I’m just goin’ out to meet someone...” Colby’s face turns sour as he walks up to his Ma, and gets in her face. Colby: “What do you mean “meet someone”?” Siobhan: “What? Do you think because you’re two inches taller than me that I’m scared of ya? Yes, I’m goin’ to meet someone. It’s called a date.” Colby: “A DATE?! I swear Ma, if you say you’re goin’ out to meet that hemorrhoid-headed baboon, I might have to finally put you in a home.” Siobhan: “No, silly! It’s a man I met…on Bumble.” Colby: “BUMBLE?! MY MA USES BUMBLE?! I think I need to sit down…” Colby stumbles to the kitchen chair and has a seat as his Ma bursts out laughing again. Colby: “Do you need me to come along? Make sure you’re safe?” Siobhan walks up to her son and gently pinches his already reddened cheek. Siobhan: “Well aren’t you sweet, Colby Bear? Not at all. You need to stay home, relax, and have some of this soda bread I made. I know it’s your favorite.” Colby exhales, letting go a brief, gentle smile as his mother pulls the soda bread out of the oven and places it on the kitchen table. Before eating, she extends her hand, and pulls her son out of his chair. They dance together clumsily, spinning around in circles, knocking into furniture and creating even more chaos.
  5. Actually, it kind of made me uncomfortable, too. People broadcasting what should be private conversations to the public is disgusting.
  6. Oh go on, you. You know you can call me Louis 😘
  7. That's just not true. I need verifiable proof that I put Ambition together. Hand to GOD, I don't remember at all. That shit was 10-11 years ago.
  8. Now you're just cappin on my name. I never put together Ambition in my 14 years floating around OCW, and Momentum was killed cause I didn't think I was welcome back after break. I'll take the L on both of those, though. My bad, y'all. You're still getting 5 min shite worked shoot promos. Budget Mark Punk is back. Be lucky the beatdowns won't last that long.
  9. Bro, you better get used it. I'll hold y'all hostage like I held Riot from 2012 hostage. Expect the next video complete with Jamie and Debbie voice over and anime bullshit.
  10. Aries

    The Plan

    Posting for friend --------------------------------------------------------- May 2, 2022. Hell's Kitchen, NY. For the last few months, 2 men have met in secret once a week at a dive bar. Man 1: What advice do you have for me this time? Man 2: None. You are ready for the journey. Man 1: What do you mean? Man 2: Every man like you must take a journey. A pilgrimage. It is time for yours. Man 1: What about my friends, my fam- Man 2: Worry not about your family. I trust you've prepared your progeny for what is to come. Man 1: What do you mean? Man 2: Cast your friends aside. Abandon everything you hold dear. You must have no distractions and no hesitation for the future. Man 1: You haven't led me astray yet. I can trust you have my best interest in mind. Man 2: But of course. Enact our plan this Friday, and you will know exactly who I am, though it may shock you. Man 1: …It will be done With this, the man that started the conversation ends it, and walks away.
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