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The countdown has finished! WE ARE LIVE PAL - TWITCH.TV/OCWFED

Major Riot Announcement

Mr.Richard Blood

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Alright! So basically...I want to try something different for next week's Riot. With the permission of Jay, next week's show will SOLELY be on Youtube.


This means no sort of layout or text RP's or anything of that kind.


Instead...I want everyone to submit video RP's, or things to that extent. You can either leave the video RP with the text, OR you can add your very own voice over. It's completely up to you.


Things I will be needing for next week:


  • Our very own Commentators. That's right! I need our very own Al Poling and Charles Scaggs. PM me if you're interested.
  • A Riot intro video. Something like RAW has, but please choose a better song. (Pugh or Dane can handle this maybe?)
  • I'll need Vega's Youtube account. You are able to get 1,000 viewers or something to that extent. We'll need you for this!
  • Participation and patience. I need you guys to help me with this as much as possible.
  • I'll be needing a Riot logo for the bottom of the videos. Dane or Pugh should be able to help with that.


That's all I can think of for now, but you get the point. Next week will be a milestone in OCW. If it's a success, I'll consider doing Riot every week live on Youtube. I will however need you guys to continue to upload matches as usual with RP videos.


Let's try and make this work! next week will be a big week!

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Roi George Partridge (October 14, 1888–January 25, 1984) was an American printmaker and teacher. He was born in Centralia in the territory of Washington on October 14, 1888. At age four he moved with his family to Seattle, Washington, where his father worked as a typesetter and later owned the local newspaper.


In Seattle, Butler was one of three Seattle artists who worked together under the name "The Triad". The others were painter John Butler and miniaturist Clare Shepard Shisler. Also in their circle were photographer—and Partridge's future wife—Imogen Cunningham, and painters Mabel Lisle Ducasse and Yasushi Tanaka.[1]


In 1909 the budding artist traveled with Butler to New York City for one year of art study at the National Academy of Design[1] and then studied etching in Munich. His next three years were spent in Paris where he worked as a printmaker under the mentorship of Bertha Jaques. When the German troops were approaching the French capital in 1914, Roi returned to Seattle. When 44 of his etchings were shown at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition in 1915, he decided to make California his home. After moving to San Francisco in 1917, he began teaching at Mills College in Oakland, California in 1920 and became the first director of the school's art gallery. His marriage to photographer Imogen Cunningham in 1915 ended in divorce in 1934; his second wife, artist Marion Lyman, died of cancer in 1940; his third wife was May Fisher.


Partridge took a leave of absence from Mills College in 1946, continued etching until 1952, and retired in 1954. His last years were spent in Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA where he died on January 25, 1984.


The Amarillo Museum of Art (Amarillo, Texas), the Bancroft Library (University of California), the British Museum, the Brooklyn Museum, the Honolulu Museum of Art, Mills College, the Mobile Museum of Art (Mobile, Alabama), the New York Public Library, the Oakland Museum, the San Diego Museum of Art (San Diego, California), the University of Michigan Museum of Art (Ann Arbor, Michigan) and the Weisman Art Museum (University of Minnesota) are among the public collections holding works by Roi George Partridge.




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I can work on a intro vid. Suggestions for music will be taken at this time.


Yeah don't bother, Pughs got it covered.


Commentary would be interesting, hope ya get the right guys for it...

EST. 2006




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I personally prefer the traditional method. My favorite part of the show was reading the rp's and I really hope that isn't phased out.

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"Strong Street Style Son"-Mez Murdock


If You Have A Problem, If No One Else Can Help, And If You Can Find Them,Maybe You Can Hire...The A-Team

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