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Houseshow #1: Michigan


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The evening before Riot, OCWFED presented a houseshow from the Crisler Center at the University of Michigan Campus here are two select matches from that event.


Match 1:


OCW's resident villain Matsuda delivered a promo early in the night proclaiming himself capable of defeating anybody. So confident was he, that he issued an open challenge to "Anyone in Michigan". Student Jonathan Herrera Perez, a local indy talent, took up the challenge, and before the match the arrogant Matsuda christened him "Mediocre Red".


Match 2:


Later in the night, the hot Michigan crowd were to witness a Champion vs Champion match as OCW Ex Division Champion Terry Romero, and OCW Hardcore Champion Paul Pugh battled in a non-title exhibition contest.



Gonna be doing these every now and then for a bit of fun (until I've got time to do Unleashed again). It'd be cool if other people did it to - the Houseshow arena is online, so get yourself a little "Backstory" for the matches, and make something fun to watch! I wanna get Rookies involved too, so if you're around - hit me up!

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Go home matsuda your drunk.
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 15-06, 18:20 Tiberius Dupree make him tap with brownie mix


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does anyone else smile whenever Fausto pops in to post something like a lil school girl???


Ok, I'm alone on that??? alrighty then!!! :(

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Must have missed this thread...Suda's Jookie tshirt is win.
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