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R.Shinra's Dirtsheets Week of 12/17/12


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OCW Dirtsheets Week of 12/17/12


A 'Snake AIDs' pandemic is reported to have hit the OCW locker room, numerous talents have fallen ill, most noticeably OCW CEO Jay Sensation. OCW Superstar Philip Worcester, more commonly known as OCWs BEDLAM describes the symptoms as "fuzzy warbles with a hint of eggy wakes in the gully wuliver. "


Last December, OCW Superstar Vincent Valmont signed to have a match this Sunday at Chill Faktor. Unfortunately the build to his match started late due to real health problems including numerous concussions from earlier in his career. This head trauma apparently causes a mild form of amnesia that makes the victim incapable of thinking about any year before of after 2007.


Former OCW superstar Dale Earnsmore was spotted backstage at Ambition giving a seminar on promoimg. The audience was reported to have fallen asleep in 5 minutes.


Vernon Maloy, more commonly known as the Droog Igor was seen in OCWs main office in New York complaining about his direction in the company. Rumor has it that he will be repackaged and put with another talent as early as this Sunday at the PPV.


OCW Hardcore champion Paul Pugh is rumored to be under investigation for violating OCWs wellness policy after complaints from an anonymous OCW superstar who claims he 'tapped too fast'.*


There was a scare for Chill Faktor's main event as road buddies and main event participants Steven Parker and Tiberius Dupree were in a massive car wreck on the way to an OCW house show. Both superstars are reported to be a little shaken but uninjured.*



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Don't use my government name asshole! They might be watching!


The Valmont news killed me..ahahaha..


Your sources are wrong...myself and Tiberius do not travel together...my car is busta free.




"fuzzy warbles with a hint of eggy wakes in the gully wuliver. "


That is all.


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'Don't worry about no one else, hows my hair look' - Tiberius Dupree

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Can't be '07 because he'd just have continuous head trauma since he was a Jobber until like '08 or '09. On a losing streak?! All good, request a match against Valmont.



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This dirtsheet has it all wrong. It's 2009.


Did somebody say 1999?!


I remember when Madness's brother Nemesis debuted, the DeVine family is still in ruins because of that heated feud.


Also Forsaken made Lobster Head looked tanned. What yall know about that ninja Milk N' Cookies!

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