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OCW Superstar B-17 grabs the command chair and spills the beans on whats what on Turmoil and OCW. THIS EPISODE IS SPONSORED by HOUSE OF HOOT!



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 15-06, 18:20 Tiberius Dupree make him tap with brownie mix


"Booking Wrestling is the most thankless no-win position anyone could ever be in. When things go well it's the talent that makes it work. When they go badly, it's because the Booker doesn't know what he's doing." - Eric Bischoff


Jookie: what website do we upload to againi for got

Our Hero: uploadafraud.com

Jookie: fuck u boricua


"I'm like Smythe, except Good" - Matsuda


OCW works best when it’s a melting pot of different ideas and opinions coming together to create some cool ass shit. It’s at its worst when people are only invested in their own/their pals’ content." - Paul Pugh

"I'm 5,9" - Ry

"I'm sorry if this sounds mean but OCW shouldn't be allowed to vote" - Jake Allen

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Bingo-bango I really enjoyed this, quality was top notch except for a tiny, tiny bit of feedback on your end. I think the solo format really suits your style, just laying everything out and talking it through. Excited to see this next week!



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What happend to the bingo bomber power half hour?


Dammmit man!

Welcome to OCW, keep tough skin, speak your mind, and most of all have fun.-Betterness

"I'm going to be brutally honest here guys... all we really need for a good Riot is a few RP's from Our Hero himself... he's an awesome writer!!!" - Smythe

CCWJustinTime: just funny how the shit i do goes un appreciative

[10-01, 00:19] Jookie Marley: fuck u nigga

[09-01, 23:50] Mr.Bentley: uploadafraud.com

[09-01, 23:45] Jookie Marley: what website do we use 2 upload now?

"Summercide was 2 white girls away from being a cook out" - Cyberbully 2099

" makes me laugh how its gone from all ambition era holding the titles, to 3 guys from 07 holding the main titles..haha

welcome to the 'Pensioner Era' - Parker

"This is all part of my plan to equalize the playing field until we have a roster of people I can actually BEAT" - Bobby Digital

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I would like to thank you B-17 for telling everyone that I do not know how to play the game! But I have a good time making gta videos with you. Guys please watch them so I can stop hearing him bitch about how he has no friends that care about his videos. Yes guys I thought this was kind of strange when I first heard about this website. Not going to lie it is pretty sweet and I have enjoyed looking over promos and watching matches. I just am just trying to catch up and understand what is all going on. Like B-17 said I have never done something like this before. So yeah true rook right here. Just wanted to say I also appreciate all the effort you guys putting into this to make it pretty fucking sweet. Look forward to keeping Axton "gym rat douche bag" Bravo on a tear.. at least till I run into everyone's main guys.
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