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Turmoil 224

Nate Ortiz

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Bray/TLBS fued make me excite


The only one that must not be excited is Bray, cause i'm gonna make him pay for his vicious attack




(speaking not in the character) I must thank Bray for all the video material that he is providing to share. Really incredible. It's a great thing, for a rookie like me, to be able to "work" with him. I honestly think that he is one of the most interesting superstars in the roster, and that soon will reach the high card.

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I am happy to see Bray with actual direction. It seems his character actually has a goal. However you already had your chance with Drago. Steal the tag team gold, seems more appropriate considering that you and Betamax finally have legs. I like seeing Flojo stand up to you dummies. Flojo was too easily overshadowed by Ace/Bray.


Idk who Aisu is.


Ah, Jehst you�ve found the power of a wig even a bald wig. I admit it�s weird seeing you do comedy such as this. I prefer you in a more serious tone.


Flojo I too have been inside a tv. Let me tell you something. It�s dangerous. Be careful. Visit Die Hard world.


Mistico joins SCUMCIETY! I mean it fits. Congrats. Jay Fury scums his way too another title. I really like the move. Mistico was put into a bad situation and found better allies.


I have no actual idea what was going on in that Alysaa Winters rp. But someone used � Rey Escorpion would eye Alyssa Winters up and down�


Would is the past tense of will. As the actions are taking place in the present the usage of would sounds weird. Rey Escorpion eyed Alyssa Winters up and down.


JBS and Tayy are fighting over a vending machine. Only wrestling can prompt such serious debates.


Cort came to me and said he wanted armor. Cort obviously has not watched closely as every match I use armor in I lose. Still good luck to you.


Capo needs some matches to give his words more value.


I feel like the #FreeValk movement was taken advantage of. Certainly we are better off with such a dangerous person behind bars?

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