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So I guess we just having Friday Pay Per View's now.....

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 15-06, 18:20 Tiberius Dupree make him tap with brownie mix


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So I feel like I was here a few days ago and I was just talking about how Grievance had absolutely no reason for being as good as it was. And well… my fucking god y’all did it again! Like it kinda boggles my mind at times when I reflect and realize just how long we’ve been playing this game yet we continue to have really aggressive, non thirsty, WARS. Like seriously from top to bottom there isn’t just ONE match you could outright say was MOTN cause just ever single match went HARD.


So let’s discuss that shall we? But before we move into the match discussion I wanna say a few words on the opener. Now first, I expected the S-Cup to be good don’t get me wrong but that intro we had for week one? That’s when I knew this would actually be next level. Kudos to jay I imagine he was the mastermind behind making that cause he literally can never stop working even though he wanted a break. Mad love and respect for his grind and hustle we’re an elite fed because we got an elite fed head shouting at us from BTS to not fuck shit up and it works great.


Second, the breakdown of the blocks was a really nice added cherry on top. If the intro didn’t get you hyped then the block breakdowns just gave you that added extra bit of goodness to get hyped. This isn’t just a tournament full of people who are half assing it nah. We have so many people who got that chip on their shoulder and wanna do great. Excellent work to Maxx for providing that I did see he said he was gonna do OCW stuff during the break and I imagine that was some of it. So very good job and kudos to you Maxx.


Okay now I will get into the matches. For the match discussion I’m gonna do half handler perspective because talking on some technical stuff is awesome and is just for us who read these, and then the other half I’ll do the y’know Brian Williams star ratings cause I’m a mark. Also as a precursor pls don’t get in your bag if you somehow don’t get the highest ranking. I’m doing this AFTER the initial shock of week one has wore off and am just going off of natural feelings for when I do it. Anyways onto the matches!


Tre Golden vs. Rust Cohle:


We’ve seen these guys go at it a few times. Each and every time before this we never got a definitive ending it was either a DQ, countout, or some other fuck shit. Now we WILL get a winner and that’s something I really like about the S-Cup is the continuity of some feuds that never got those endings can possibly get that AND even more new stories can be opened up. Tre came in this match with a chip on his shoulder and I can’t say that I blame him. Mans been held down by the higher ups in OCW for the longest time and he’s just about sick and tired of Rust Cohle. But here’s the thing, Rust has a train of momentum following him into this week one match as he defeated Baker to become NA Champ and derailed OWEN by taking his spot. We got exactly what we’d expect from these two dudes who just wanted to fight and that was meaty hoss violence. The Shogun didn’t come out victorious this round but he put up on hell of a fight again Rust as our NA Champ keeps that momentum streak alive. Solid start to the show and keeps you wanting more.


️ from the Brian Williams scale


Chris Baxter vs. Telos:


We’re getting Rated Arrrrr! Baxter making his return to the S-Cup in well over a decade if I remember correctly from what Jay said on stream. Telos is literally not one to play around against as he’s big as shit and has hands of lightning. An interesting stat that was put in the Turmoil block breakdown was Telos is undefeated against the whole block so Bax has a chance of ruining that right out of the gate. Some wonkiness and then we just got straight violence. Bax let Telos out of a pin where in reality had he not done that he would’ve won so let’s see if that will bite him in the ass. And oh boy.. oh yeah it bit the poor pirate real hard in the ass. As everyone was screaming for Telos to hit down on the d-pad I internally am just like oh Bax no please why’d you let him out. One nice punch to the face and boom Baxter gets dropped on his neck which did not look so kind by Telos. Big man picks up the dub and continues that undefeated streak against his block!


️ 3/4 from the Brian Williams scale


John Carter vs. Sheldon Tremblay:


Alright this match just might be my personal MOTN. These two did not and should not have been able to go off the way they did holy shit. Sheldon is such a sleeper in terms of handler and tbh out of all the new rookies this dude is someone who could be a SERIOUS threat as time goes on. John and him were not sparing anything it was just straight up back and forth the entire time. Both guys had their moments of the upper hand but ultimately that edge of experience for Carter is what got him the dub. What an incredible fight and I can’t wait to see both of them in their later matches!


️ 1/4 from the Brian Williams scale


Harris Turner vs. Quartz:


Dude poor Harris first he has to retain his spot in the tournament and then his FIRST match he has to face the reigning World Champion. Wait a god damn minute how is Harris manhandling the world champ like this? Good god Quartz put your hands up man! Oh my god this rookie has the champ on the ropes! Oh wait… oh there it is now the champ wants to hit the on switch and the destruction begins. Oop there’s the Black Phoenix.. wait no pin? Oh fuck he’s going for another! Oh my god this has to be done right? AYO AT ONE! THE ROOKIE LIVES WHAT!?!? Holy shit what’s gonna happen? Oh no a 3rd Black Phoenix WAIT NO!! Harris got out!! TURN OF THE CENTURY HOLY FUCK OMG. HE PINNED THE WORLD CHAMP WHAT THE FUCK!!! Wow!!!! That was absolutely nutty my god I’m so upset we got this the first week but wow thank you for this god damn gem.


️ from the Brian Williams scale


Marcus McMichaels vs. Tony Everrett:


Well, we’ve seen one world champ stumble are we gonna see another? Marcus has been an interesting anomaly since joining TWC and OCW. Real big challenge for him as he has to go against one of the best we got in OCW right now. Both of these dudes really threw everything and the kitchen sink but shockingly Marcus pulls it off! If anyone thought this would’ve been a super predictable tournament god damn you’d be wrong right now!


️ from the Brian Williams scale


In closing week one had absolutely no reason going this hard. Time and time again we just reiterate why we’re elite and at the top of what we do. This week also made next week even more interesting to see how everything unfolds! Onward and upward friends great work everybody!

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