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 15-06, 18:20 Tiberius Dupree make him tap with brownie mix


"Booking Wrestling is the most thankless no-win position anyone could ever be in. When things go well it's the talent that makes it work. When they go badly, it's because the Booker doesn't know what he's doing." - Eric Bischoff


Jookie: what website do we upload to againi for got

Our Hero: uploadafraud.com

Jookie: fuck u boricua


"I'm like Smythe, except Good" - Matsuda


OCW works best when it’s a melting pot of different ideas and opinions coming together to create some cool ass shit. It’s at its worst when people are only invested in their own/their pals’ content." - Paul Pugh

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Feinstein / Derek / Stephen: I get the feeling something nefarious is going down with Feinstein and Derek, and I really like it. The GOAT Academy is a big group, and I think that it should have multiple important storylines, like John's 'reboot', CG vs. Cort, and Feinstein's 'financial aid' can all happen at the same time without crowding each other. That's the beauty of the Academy being more a training class than an actual aligned stable.


Harri and Stacy: Harri is fucking wild, and I have no idea what else to say. She's just an insane, buckwild character, and every segment with her brings a chaotic energy that no one else in OCW really has at the moment. I don't always 100 percent adore everything she does, but it's always uniquely her.


The Clark Effect with C-Note: C-Note has defied my expectations and come out the gate swinging with good video work, solid matches, and good character work. I like that little possible dig at Garcia. Be careful who you disrespect, young man. CG might be a kinder man, now, but I'd like to think he's proven he's not afraid to settle a dispute in the ring...




Drunk Primero: Drunk Primero is the Solomon Caine storyline I wanted but never got. Mans has lost his shit. He's clearly not the same hungry, ambitious little mongrel who won the belt. Something's changed, and I look forward to seeing what exactly that is.


You already know what got first place


Battle In The Center of The Mind: I initially groaned in frustration when I saw the blue-ish static. Fucking Ijitu. I like face Quartz, Red Quartz, Big Dog Quartz, whatever you want to call him. He's fresh and new. But the idea, the mere INKLING that we could get a story with Quartz actively acknowledging and confronting his inner self(selves?) brings me immensely. If he wasn't already booked up for Lution, that's a segment I could see going on right before the main event of Night One or Two.





Jordan Trance vs. Chance Williams was just real, fucking, good. Lots of twists and turns, no one really pulling ahead for an absurd amount of time, and an ending sequence that had you on the edge of your seat, as it's already been established that Chance's Flying Knee can come when you least expect it, but despite failing twice, Jordan was able to hit the Dragon Shout and put the match away. Just good organic storytelling from two great handlers. You love to see it!

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I’ll indulge on this 3-2-1 stuff cause I’m rereading & rewatching the show atm. So let’s crack on into this bitch.


Roleplays (not ranked)


1: Hito is an absolute MENACE.


This is easily RP of the night for me where it made me feel like I was watching this all unfold. I know myself I’m not nearly as descriptive or able to show how I want everything playing out in my RPs at times but this rp? This is THAT SHIT. Hito has been an interesting talent that’s entered OCW and he’s always had my curiosity in one way or another. But after this promo I was full send on wanting to watch/read any and all adventures this man is gonna ensue the OCW universe/OCW personnel. Some of the most fun I’ve had reading something in awhile.


2: Tony lays out the CHALLENGE.


Tony has been quite an interesting CCW Champion. He defeated the man everyone wish they could’ve to have that pinnacle moment, but not only that. Tony did this at Lution 15, now as Lution 16 is creeping up on us many are wondering can the champ do it again. We see Tony pay respect toward B17, B’s title reign, and Tony admit he isn’t there yet with being the greatest CCW Champion. Then Tony lays it home as he wants the Allied Powers fatal four way to be ELIMINATION! Which I’m glad it’s going this way so pussy Rust Cohle can’t slide in and steal the title. But it also is wonderful cause we truly will see who is the best “pillar” out of these four men. Tony has always gave off that company man/I want to elevate this title + the brand as best as I can champion and now with this multitude of threats at his door I think this can truly elevate his status in the CCW record books but also OCW itself. These are four certified legends going into Lution, but the question beckons who will walk away the strongest pillar?


3: Maxx Edwards wants his REVENGE!


This Maxx promo was short, sweet, and fucking MONEY. That chair shot? That challenge laid out to Archer? COME ON MAN. Maxx has transitioned himself from cunty, spoiled, snobby heel to this believable good guy that you just always want to see succeed. This Lution match is a true star making opportunity for Maxx. He’s of course always had it in him but if he can get past Archer and leave him in the rear view? The sky is only the start on where Maxx can go from there.


Video segments:


1: The Clash of Minds! (Quartz Ether Video)


Inness ever since coming back has really given off the same type of “final boss” vibe of Quartz but not in this asshole, cocky way that we saw with Ijitu. Seeing Inness I assume walking around in his own mind and seeing the recap of himself, and Ijitu was easily my favorite video of the show. It seemed like when the two came face to face it was that sorta moment where (and I’m only assuming off my own pov) they are gonna acknowledge the championship has to come back home with them. It’s always a nice touch to have those “big” forces of the roster in full swing and having Quartz back and truly in his bag whether he is a full on good guy or eventually swerved us all and we see he’s still a dick is something I’m here for. The man has that IT energy and we love to see it.


2: Tre got attacked son!


This feud between Trance & Tre is a bit hard to be fully invested in. Tre speared Jordan Trance on complete accident and it awoke Big Trance and now Big Trance is gonna rip Tre apart ala how we saw with Colin I so imagine. Except with this though, they don’t have nearly enough time to pull off all the torture, mental manipulation, and countless other things that made the Colin v. Trance story pop the way it did. It’s not to say they can’t make it work within the short time they have left for Lution but I feel at this point in time both characters shouldn’t necessarily been in each others lenses. But let’s see what happens!




DOC vs. Rust Cohle:


This match wasn’t my match of the night pick but for the story reasons behind it I decided to go with it. This match is quite interesting because DOC necessarily didn’t need to win here, sure if he won that would’ve been awesome but Rust 100% needed this win here. I’m not huge on this whole narrative of Rust wanting to win, sit out the rest of his contract, and then disappear. This puts him into a corner that I don’t think he really was thinking about. You have the four way at Lution as elimination, so now you need to get through the 3 other guys in this match to TRY and win. This isn’t even covering if the 3 men just beat the dog piss out of Rust, eliminate him, and then they go on their way. He really stacked the cards against him in a way that really there’s no way out of it. You NEED to win at Lution or else now you’re titleless, and gonna be without a job. So seeing him pick up the win I’m sure he was relieved to get the job done but job isn’t finished cause Lution is still on the way. It’ll definitely be a crazy whirlwind of what will happen AT and AFTER Lution with so many things going on.


Overall this show really knocked it out of the park for me. There were very few things where I was meh on or didn’t enjoy. The matches, video segments, and promos all served what they needed to do and for the most part everything was entertaining. It’s nice to see everyone in full gear for Lution and to think our summer has just begun with big PPVs and other events popping up it’s a great time for OCW content and OCW peeps. Not sorry for complimenting stuff, got bored while at work and decided to do a quick little 3-2-1. Enjoy your day.

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