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OCW Riot 618 "Season Finale"

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 15-06, 18:20 Tiberius Dupree make him tap with brownie mix


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I will review the show but allow me to gush about my match for a moment.


Jimmy was shit at this game earlier in the season, he joined a few DMs and was terrible. He’s quietly learned the game, taken advice and put in the work to improve. We’d been DMing recently and I knew this, so I was excited as fuck for this match.


As soon as that match was finished, I DM’d him and told him it was the match of the night. We ended up having mad chemistry and that’s a testament to how well he gets ocw. The post match stuff, he basically did himself. I did a little bit of clean up and some sound design, but it was all Jimmy who got this shit over. We ended up with a segment that reminded me of the shit we used to do in 2013. That’s why you all liked it. It was KISS in the extreme. Simple pro wrestling done right.


I’m also able to post this because of Jimmy’s hard work. 

This is the only time I’ll ever gush about people, but DNS are so fucking easy to work with. They’re old heads at heart, and I’m proud we were able to give them this coming out party.


Also fuck DNS, this isn’t over.

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Riot 618 Review

Owen eats
So, creative to start off with, thats good. Would’ve done less of the establishing shots and got to entering the restaurant much sooner, but is what it is. So I guess Owen is getting at Sheldon by going for a lady he’s into. Damn. Still, at least he’s not pissing on graves. The read the words bit was weird, I didn’t really understand what I was being directed to do. Then Owen clears his throat and he can speak again. Very jarring, because I’d turned up my speakers to hear the ambience. Said this a couple times, but I don’t vibe with Owen’s delivery. The words are emotional, the voice isn’t so much. But he’s trying so whatever. “Remember this feeling in your chest, in your stomach and in your heart”, Owen’s grasp of anatomy is a bit lacking - memories are in the brains there Alien Head. Anyway, feud keeps moving.


Sensational Colours
Never in my life have I read a video montage. Never again do I want to. I don’t want to use my immugination, and neither should you. Let’s see some THERAPY


Devon vs Jordan vs Derek **¾ 
Demon Flash is here! At least that’s what the tron says. I would like more energy in Devon’s music or some piped in crowd noise to make me know how I’m supposed to react. Currently its like one of those lo-fi chill things for streamers to concentrate. Derek is here! He exists! He’s Unique as well (like his partner). No personality in the first two intros, lets see what Trance has… oh there’s a commercial and no entrance… wow. Starts with some Devonshire work, but nobody gains anything early on. Jordan going for a couple early pins is exactly what he should be doing as the wee shit in the match. Derek goes yellow after someone breathes at him a little too hard, and then some stuff happens and Devon ends up looking like he’s going to win this match. Lots of back and forth for Trance and Derek and then Trance the unsafe worker busts Devon open - disgraceful, or smart - GIVE YOURSELF A TARGET FOR TEH TITLE MATCH BROTHER. Devon isolates Derek, gets Flashy and then INTERUPTIONS. Feels like this match never got going, Devon was dominant throughout and was never really tackled by the other two. Anyway, win is a win. And over the Champion no less!


Luis and Parca
My number one pet peeve arrives again - MIXED TENSES. Anyway, we set the scene, Bishop becomes an interviewer for a few mins to give us a window into the mind of Parca. Much better attempt at weaving the past into a promo, no dates, no times, no results. Good stuff. Parca has potential to be a big time face World Champion but the wallowing, emotional stuff kinda is at odds with it. I’d like to see him lean more into becoming a superhero - I’ve seen him emotional and vulnerable too long now, it’s time for him to click into another gear. Bishop gets a buzz - INTRIGUE, WHO IS HE WORKING FOR.

Bobbi and Chance
“You put your hands on me a woman” is one of the funniest bad AI deliveries we’ve had so far. I feel like this is a middle of the road promo - fine, keeps the match build bubbling, however Derek is barely involved in these things. How are you gonna be a tag team title contender if you’re not in these things b. You’re supposed to be a team and Bobbi puts in more work in GnG. Could’ve probably been better as a written promo, but I get its not exciting.

More lo-fi chill-hop as we welcome your friend and mine TELOS! The new champ has some words to impart. Has it really been 6 years? That’s legitimately wild. Very lowkey promo, again, could’ve easily been a written one. The talk about etching himself into the very fabric of OCW felt important, and I was hoping we’d set up a contender here - but we didn’t. Vagueness, hopefully Telos can go from strength to strength because Karmine did some good shit with that old title and it would be nice if it continued.


Owen and Shianne
I am so confused with the structure of this. So I guess this happened in the middle of the video promo and I’m supposed to go back to it after I read this? That’s a lot of admin b. I’m guessing this is some miscommunication fuck up, but meh, lets just accept it as a promo. More mixed tenses, as Owen turns to face the camera having previously turned to face the camera. The content itself is decent, it’s hyping the importance of the match-up. Shianne playing the Spider role here of being there for comic relief, but could easily be omitted from the whole thing. Overall, kept things going, hopefully it sets up some confrontation later because its a go-home and I love me some confrontation on a go-home


Sheldon vs Harris ***
Another tune up match for Shelly, although facing your opponent’s alt is always a weird one for me. Anyway, Shelly is a star, munching away at that stupid title belt. One of the best we’ve got, must be protected at all costs. Paul Harris needs new music immediately. Fine song, doesn’t work as theme music - there’s other Oasis songs that have a similar message but a lot more hype to them, have a shop around. Loved Shelly going for the quick sub, then Harris answering it. Both of them are technical so it makes sense to not fly in with hands. The early knockings, Harris takes a little bit of a lead and genuinely had me thinking “maybe” but Sheldon got straight back on the horse and started to dominate in the middle. Harris was getting licks in on that arm throughout, which is great character work. One Finitum out of nowhere and they’ve already got Shelly’s face on the tron. Out of nowhere finish, would’ve liked it to go longer but it was fine. Owen is out - again, pipe in some crowd noise brother! You’re supposed to be a big deal. Got my confrontation, and I’m so fucking glad. Decent segment, snappy and got the point across.


Flojo and Dragana
More mixed tenses! Your promo is happening now! You’re not describing stuff that has happened, you’re describing stuff that is happening. Or the other way round. Pick one and be consistent. Very short promo, “do your best” is an excellent message. More intrigue! Is Flojo meeting Bishop?!


Scotty and Jynx
Scotty having some sort of episode in the backstage area as we get tossed some very quick words to try and race through. SLOW DOWN BROTHER. I guess its a challenge? It was very quick! I would’ve liked it longer. Jynx is doing some fun creative stuff and it’s great to see a rookie going in that direction - often times they end up getting dragged along by a grizzled vet, but here he’s clearly leading things and Scotty is just happy to be involved.


Shianne is out back from a commercial. Similar vibe to the Telos promo earlier, making her mission seem super grand, which I’m a fan of. The World Title should be talked about like it’s a game changer, and Shianne reckons she’s a worthy person to run this division… so lets see! I also wish she spoke more like a Bugsy Malone tough guy. Soto arrives and talks some trash, I like Soto because she’s got a consistent vibe. Really easy to hate, really good at getting under skins. Would’ve liked to have seen Shianne finish her swing, but we cut away a fraction too soon. Waves the title around and then my least favourite wrestling trope, the lights go out. Now Joanna has the title, and Shianne is broken in half. Deborah turns tail and runs but hot damn that was a damp squib ending if that leads us into the PPV.


Marriage Guidance
Firstly I don’t appreciate the sass about Chapter 1. Maybe I am slow, suck my dick. Dr. Linda Linda is straight out of old school OCW. Shades of TD. Jay does an impeccable job of writing how he talks, and it never fails. Emp playing the victim here is great, it feels like she’s got a universe of people gaslighting Sensation. Psychological warfare at its finest. As the promo went on, it veered more out of wrestling promo and more into “I just saw Always Sunny for the first time and now I really need to quote it”. Its one of the better parts of the series, but did we need verbatim? Be inspired, don’t copy. Anyways - keeps things simmering and it is what it is.




Stupid Perfect Storm
RP’er of the year Doc has got some stuff to say to his brother Quartz. Glad he sent that idiot to voicemail, and now he has to address the other idiot. Quartz talks like a human, makes me want to watch whatever he’s involved in, Harvey utters a single word and undoes it. I don’t know what it is about H2O that I dislike on a primal level, but its definitely on a primal level. Seeing those three characters together “H2O”. Pure anger overcomes me. Anyway, least they’re not dancing between tenses like they’re strapped to a flux capacitor. The handshake was unnecessary in the extreme - like watching two shitty power rangers pledge allegiance to being shitty. On to Toronto!


Reese and Note
Reese already in the ring, he wants to get things popping early. PUT CROWD NOISE ON YOUR ENTRANCE YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE A BIG DEAL! Really missed an opportunity to “Oh Hi Mark” here and you’ll never be forgiven by Drago et al. Challenge is accepted! Watch for the typos! Check out the archives on the newly relaunched OCWFED.COM. Was an ok promo - although it was quite reserved for a go-home promo. Would’ve liked a little more hype, but it gets us where we need to be so… onwards


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First off shut up I don’t need your advice. You’re old and don’t know anything. Second thank you will work on that. Thirdly make sure your temperature isn’t too high when cooking with grease. 


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2 hours ago, EMP said:

First off shut up I don’t need your advice. You’re old and don’t know anything. Second thank you will work on that. Thirdly make sure your temperature isn’t too high when cooking with grease. 

This is why you haven’t main evented lution.


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