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CCW Turmoil 04-29-2008 This episode ain't worth viewing


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Turmoil bump! Even though it's useless...damm GTA 4.



Finishers: "Where is Tyro?!" (Front,F-U 2)

"Faaaceeebusstaaaaaah!!" ( Back, Facebuster 06)


Signature moves: Oversell punches (Grapple)

Fancy footwork punches (Grapple)

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Oh man I fucking LOVED IT. Best Turmoil ever. 5/5. Especially that one match with that one guy.


Sad thing is that review is probably one people use every week regardless if Turmoil's actually there.


EDIT: I expect Reed to be in a chicken suit next week attempting to make weight.


Haters Gonna Hate

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I'm really disappointed in everybody. I know GTA IV rules the lives of the masses, but seriously.


on a side note, I did watch my brother play for a few hours earlier. I cannot buy this game right now. It would be like a coke head filling a swimming pool with blow and then taking several olympic laps.

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Plus the random posts in other threads,bumping turmoil down doesn't help either. The post were very informative also..oh geez and i liked the ppv. Anywas it's all good because


1:there would be allot of discussion about the no 1 contender match wich is now compleetly ignored.

2:Now i dont feel obligated to watch Riot.



Finishers: "Where is Tyro?!" (Front,F-U 2)

"Faaaceeebusstaaaaaah!!" ( Back, Facebuster 06)


Signature moves: Oversell punches (Grapple)

Fancy footwork punches (Grapple)

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I'm at work so i will be watching it as soon as i get home like i always do.


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1 x NA Champion

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2 x OCW World Heavyweight Champion

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MOTN vs Leonheart @ Wrestlution 7


'Don't worry about no one else, hows my hair look' - Tiberius Dupree

'Wipe you ass and go to bed' - Sensation to B17

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Congrats to Deano, I was pulling for him. I think a Deano Versus feud could really entertain!


Vindicator losing to Kip Conrad was a bit of a shocker. Im assuing Vindicator didnt cheat Kip...which is why you won this one?




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Tyro's Judgment


Air RP


I couldnt help but feel bad for the monkey...;_;


Versus RP


Fitting speech after winning the big win from End Games.



Vindicator vs Kip Conrad


Hate 50 cent,but the match starts out back and forth with Conrad

getting vincdicator yellow first. Little drag fest there. Nice tb dive attack.

Vindi's inrapple reverses keep him up though. Despite this Vindi is on the

losing end turning dubbel orange. Vindi reverses a finisher but falls to the next.


Match Flow: Fine

Moveset Kip: Fine

Moveset Vindicator: Fine

Match ending: Eyepokeeee toekick,so that's fine.


Match Score: 7



Aries preps himself up for his match but

runs into Delirious,i mean Val.


Air calls Reed a fatty and Reed will need to lay off donuts and snacks in order to face Air for a title shot.


Vindi's match with Conrad did indeed not do well for his bloodline and this"revalation" has given him a new direction.




Delirious vs Aries


This match starts out suprisingly fast paced. And it keeps it up too. Aries

plays godlike this match. But despite it still turns red first,lhvy's sigh. But Val catches up rather fast so its a race to the finisher. Val survives the first one by spinning chopping out of the body punch stun as soo as he could move,little meh but alright.


Aries reverses Val's finisher not once but TWICE. The battle pace does not lessen with still back and forth action. Aries goes for his finisher but this time Val reverses.

It is matches like this where you really get to hate the hurt and DDR animations. Again Aries goes for the backhand blow setup move and Val does the same thing he did last time. Followed is a nice reversal chain with Val reversing the irish whip elbow but still ends up in a finisher position and reverses AGAIN. Val regains a finisher trying to put Aries away but fails once again as Aries reverses..again. Aries see's his chance and goes for his top rope finisher once again but Val get's up breaking the setup. Val punches,and back off goes for the grapple and Aries finally puts Val away with his front finisher.


Match Flow: Fast paced,awesome. Not dragged despite it's lenght,constant battle.

Moveset Val: Fine

Moveset Aries: Fine

Match ending : Awesome,i rooted for aries as he was playing GODLIKE. Well done Aries


Match Score: 9 This was one awesome fucking match. That meaning allot since i hate Val.



New guy Knox debuts


Interview with W. A. Poe


Air vs Poe

This match has been speed up a little to fast lol. And play pauzing every second to see what happens is a bit anoying so ill just skip the review on this one.Poe sports a new look. Not sure if i like it,it's not bad but the old look wasnt either.


Another Versus RP with a few mistakes in it,Versus saying: Like i said to Versus,and him calling his finisher Dimebag drop,wich in the beginning of the show he said he gave it a new name.


This is a suprise. Im in a RP...i was not aware of this one. Seems someone forgot me to ask me or the rest i reckon * Evil Glare* Who the hell is Bobi jo anyway -_-


Own Match


The match started out pretty good. I took Gaines, BB and Deano eachother. I was going pretty well,i got allot of moves in,and was reversing pretty alright not sure if i was the last to turn red but doesnt matter. Despite playing good or bad we all become red eventually and so did i. I got finishers but when i did there was either people facing away from me or on the ground lol. BB had a finisher and decided to use it on me,didnt counter it even though i saw it coming dammit -_- This left him vs Deano/Gaines wich probably was a bad decision. All in all in it's entire not a great match but can't expect much from a BR and crappy targeting.




Trips enters the arena and reminds people why he is not competing. Regan plans to make Trips defend his title against Cruz but Steve does not agree on this matter as he believes much more worthy.



Malu vs Rev Inc


When the first sound of the Rev theme started i thought it was Blade lol. Malu seems to be on the receiving end of the Handicap this time. Let's see if it is as entertaining as the Ambition Me(impossible ofcourse) Malu starts off strong reversing god that he is.Lol at Cooper and Malu trying to pin eachother and launching them trough the ring,that looked a bit weird. Versus get's tagged in with an interesting move lol. Versus starts out good but Malu hangs in there,trying his best to minimize damage. He does good as he gets Versus the same color as he is, Yellow Orange. Versus quickly tags in Cooper who could have waited another few seconds before attack cause Malu was still focusing. Cooper uses Terry punches,first person beside me i've seen using them...but they look better on me,nyaaah. Ok this is weird. Cooper goes for UC grapple,but Malu hits him,he connects,but cooper imidiatly grabs his throat for the UC grapple,that looked cool but it shouldnt have connected. Cooper seems give Malu a hard time as Malu gets red by his hands. Versus gets tagged in to release a can of whoopass as Malu seems to have lost his focus. Versus tags Cooper in later wich seems to be a big mistake..that Tag move surely would have destroyed Versus his back or atleast caused Some kinda injury..letting Cooper jump on your back Versus,your nuts! Malu trys to fight back but with no succes,Cooper hits his finisher and its over.


Match Flow: Fight between the big guys started nice became a bit less of a fight later on in the match

Moveset Versus: Fine

Moveset Cooper: Fine just the Karate punch to the ground looked off. ( and those are my Tyro punches damm you )

Match ending : Normal


Match Score: 7.5



Finishers: "Where is Tyro?!" (Front,F-U 2)

"Faaaceeebusstaaaaaah!!" ( Back, Facebuster 06)


Signature moves: Oversell punches (Grapple)

Fancy footwork punches (Grapple)

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