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OCW INSIDER: Final Act Rumor

Stacy Clark

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Fans are wondering what happened when the feed for Turmoil cut out. Many fans in attendance have posted shocking feedback on the internet. Could this be one big internet hoax or is the television champion in good health?


One fan in attendance at the show spoke on the matter via E-FEDZ.com

Fan: Before Boldo the Clown connected with Trips' skull... Kang James speared him! It was INSANE DUDE! Then before the members of Final Act could attack Kang, Aries hit a flying cross body taking out Anton, and Edward The Great! SO GNARLY! Aries, Kang, and Trips fled the ring as the Final Act chased them backstage!

On behalf of OCWFED.net we contacted The Ring Master, but couldn't get in contact with the mysterious man.


Right now there is no word on the condition of the Television champion and if he will make it to Consequence this Sunday. Tune into Riot for more details regarding the controversy surrounding the ending of Turmoil!



Thank you this has been Stacey Clark on behalf of OCWFED.net


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