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The big FN deal


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Welll my firends today I come to you with probably the greatest news I have had in ages from hell and high water. Me and the guys from Halcyon Way have done it!


Signed my friends.


Nightmare Records.


a good size label too.


here you can find where to pre order our CD which will hit stores Nov: 11th 2008.




If you are wanting some song sampels here you go.




This album was a 4-5 year project that I joined a year and a half ago.

Halcyon Way is a progessive band, aside from all the dark death and black metal I listen to this is my baby, my bread and butter. It allows to play things you normally can't and heavier metal.


So if you guys support your local artist and pre-order this great album that would be fantastic!!!! Thanks to all the guys who have supported my efforts outside of OCW, I have known most of you for ages now. It's like my E-Fam here, so I hope some of you can be happy for me.


The feeling hasn't quite hit me yet. When I go into best buys to pick up a few copies when it ships I'll probably be jittery like hell.


Also we got a small review out of Rocklahoma live from Tulsa/Oaklahoma below, where i got a specific mention.


you can find videos of us on youtube and myspace as well or my personal myspace page.


Hells yes!!!


Original link below



Sun: 7-13-08

I had received a flyer for Halcyon Way, and really wanted to check them out. With all the stage changes, I caught the last half of their set. They were progressive rock, and sounded really good. Singer Sean Shields used a megaphone on 2 songs, and bass player Kris Maltenieks had amazing stage presence.

logo copy.jpg

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awesome ! Congrats DUDE! you guys ever come to columbus and play at ourosa villa, and im there.

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Way to go Mayhem... I don't like death metal at all... but I'm gonna try to pick up a copy of your CD...


congrats dude

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Congrats man that is great news. You & I have talked music before & I know that this means a lot to you so roll with it. If you ever come out to NorCal, Cross and I will go see you play. Bold could come to if he wanted. Then you two could finally fight in real life.



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