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VFM has a minute.


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**A large room with an incredible view overlooking the city, is shown. A desk chair faces the window as a plume of smoke bellows from the chair. A voice begins to speak...**


VFM: Ahhh, success...is there any better feeling? I think not. But then again, I could be wrong. When you've finally made it to a position that is truly untouchable, it really gives you time to reflect. Reflect on how you've come into this position of power. How you've risen to heights, so extraordinary, that now, only the best...only victory is expected.


**VFM turns around in his chair, wearing a dark green suit and complimentary shirt and tie, and holding a lit, rose shaped joint. He smirks at the camera and ashes a bit of his joint.**


VFM: Why shouldn't they expect victory from me? I'm the most decorated, celebrated, replicated person in OCW history...and rightfully so. From promo's to daily conversation, I've put words and thoughts into your vocabulary that just wouldn't have existed without me. The titles that you all hold so dear, have a permanent V etched into their prestige and history. And that...that's where my problem begins.


**VFM stands up from his chair, and walks over to the window. He sits on a window-sil, takes a hit, and throws some cash, which rains down on the city streets. VFM chuckles and begins to speak as he still looks down upon the city.**


VFM: Look at them all. **Voices can be heard arguing for the money.** You know, it's funny...they say one mans trash, is another mans treasure. But in my case, all my trash is everyone elses treasure, and other mens trash, is just that. Trash. Nothing more.


**VFM shuts the window, stands up and walks slowly towards his desk.**

VFM: Recently, I've been...what some people have been calling "Quiet". But as a wise man once said, "the loudest man in the room, is the weakest man in the room." I've been sitting back, observing the weak attempt to become the strong. Watching people strive, week after week, to do what I've done with so much apparent ease. And you're probably wondering why. Why it's taking this long to get where you want to go. Why the owner of the company, gets to hold the ultimate prize. Because...I made it so. I was the one who opened the eyes of JCS and made him into...once again...an active owner and champion.

**VFM sits on the edge of his desk, and takes a long haul off of his rose shaped joint.**


VFM: You're probably wondering what I'm getting at. Well, this is simply a reminder. Just as Gaines learned on Turmoil. Just like Trips will learn on Riot. And soon all of iGen and the rest of OCW will learn. When it comes to power, when it comes to a person you should fear...look no further than VFM.


VFM: Who was it that trained JCS to defeat a proven, and tested champion in Leon in less than a month's time? Me! You tell me if anyone else could have pulled that off. NO. I've had people come in and challenge my status time and time again. From Geo, to Bauer to Mayhem. They all claimed to be above VFM, they all claimed to have what it takes to snatch my spot from me and kick me down to the bowels of OCW history. And they all failed. Now, they're all spectators, while I...well...we all know how I'm doing.


**VFM fixes his tie and raises his eyebrow ala the Rock**


VFM: On Turmoil, Cindy...Cathy...some broad with a mic, asked me why I've been so quiet. I feel like some of you deserve an answer. Well, no, I don't. I don't think any of you deserve anything from me, but hell, I got time to kill. See, I'm planning for the future. 2009 is right around the corner, and there are big changes on the horizon for OCW. The planning is done. Now...it's simply time for you to wait, for the execution.


**VFM takes a hit, and the puts the joint out in the ash tray.**


VFM: OCW, this is just a heads up.


**VFM walks towards the window, before he stops abrubptly and turns around.**


VFM: Oh, and by the way...not only is JCS...you know, the OCW Champion and President back in action. But, I've decided to go ahead and make myself fully available for action again. Now, the only question left is...where do I put this target?!


**VFM holds his hand like a gun, points it at the camera and when VFM's thumb strikes, like the hammer of a gun, the camera goes black.**

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