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RV's OCW Turmoil 11-25-2008


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MADMEN RP: I thought it was pretty good O_o You try making a positive comment on your own RP without coming off as a self promoting douche. It's harder than it seems.


Valmont / Irving RP: The turmoil continues between I-Gen and the Cellmates... er, Deathrow.


Braddock vs. ????: There's a surprise opponent and the guy snaps harder than Damon Waynes during a "Men on Film" skit. I enjoyed the back n' forth banter during the match. It was a nice touch. Also, it's revealed that Braddock wears a size 25 shoe, eleven minutes into the match.


Leonheart / Ortiz RP: Speaking of snapping, fueled by the recent return of John "Salute Your Shorts" Cena, Nate takes it upon himself to learn some people. It's gonna take an H-Bomb to keep Nate out of Black Sunday. The H-bomb would probably do "the job" as well.


Aries RP: That's what I said... it's my island. Always reminds of that scene. Anyways, Aries is making some crazy claims but if he can back them up, I'll donate a little rep... if only for the effort in wrting things out with an accent.


Valmont RP: He pretty much tells Parker he's going to unleash it during Black Sunday. What exactly he'll unleash, I'm not sure, but I can bet it's not good. I mean, when was the last time someone told you they were going to unleash something and it didn't involve some kind of traumatizing scenario?


Valmont vs. Irving vs. Kavito: Who would have guessed that Kavito went for the kendo stick? Either way, the ending to this was pretty mark worthy. Somebody finally shuts the fuck up, but who?


Blade RP: Now that I'm never going to another Applebees, where ever will I get my Death By Chocolate? Oh yeah, there's like a Chili's right across the street. Speaking of food that tackles your stomach: do you like football? I bet you do. Do you like midgets? Who doesn't, am I right? Well then this RP is for you my friends.


Leonheart / Regan / Kang RP: Leon's gunning for that #1 spot on the Most Wanted list. Two more RP's tonight and he's in like Flint.


Smythe / Wesley RP: The Tag Champs are restless so they come up with something that is sure to entertain them until Chillfaktor. If you're a tag team, thought about being a tag team or just want a shot at Bloodline's gold... well you better pays attentions.


Aries vs. Horse: *Palms face* Deano, Deano, Deano.... part of me missed ya... but the other part feels shame for missing you. So full of uncomfortable moments, is Deano Horse, but he's got moxy among other things. It's like having a Kip James that's actually worth watching.


None the less, it was a damn solid match. One gets the dub, the other is drenched in blood.


Aries / Kang RP: After his match, Aries leaves himself open for bamboozling, but not as open as he apparently left his heart. A little piece of the Aries' puzzle is reveiled but just enough to wet our appetite. He's got me hooked, I must admit.


Ryder / Trance RP: It's all about the money shot... or so they say in the biz. These two gents share a nice convo where image is everthing and calenders are over-rated.


Blade RP: No, really, I normally don't dress like this... my good suit is at the dry cleaners until 2009. You gotta believe me... pleeeeease believe me! Don't worry, Blade, as long as you bring back the red shoes, I won't judge your current attire.


Vimes / Mad Men RP: Wooo, take that Leonheart. Two RP's for the Mad Men too. What you got now? It looks like Vimes is still hot on da trail of the man known as Guy Fausto. He's getting his private dick on, but can he trust the intel?


Blade vs. Smythe: I always appreciate these type of matches. Both men pressed the action with no time for dilly or dally. They produce some nice chain-wrestling, oh snap reversals and finish the race with dignity. Could have been a main event match.


Blade RP: A touching story of finger clicking proportions and betrayal. Find out who stabs Blade in the back... or bludgens him in the back, I should say. It's not the usual suspect, I will say that much.


Smythe / Wesley RP: So, a black guy and a china man walk into an RP. Have you heard this one already? Didn't think so. The word "blowjob" gets tossed around like a 5 dollar hooker and I'm left craving flied lice.


Vimes / Cooper RP: The private dicking continues. This time, he finds answers inside a closet. Most men fear going into closets, because eventually you have to come out *drums* Damn, I'm funny.


Could Vimes finally be on to something, or is Fausto too far to find in this formdable faction of former friends turned foes?


I-GEN RP: Kang is still shook up from the words of caution delivered by Nate Ortiz last week. If anyone knows anything about betrayals and not trusting anyone, Nate would be your guy, but are his words true when it comes to the remaining members of I-Gen. Is there another betrayer in the mix? Can the faction survive when they're busy fighting the demons of doubt?


Kang James vs. V.F.M: A really close one. It pretty much came down to who could hit a big move first, followed by their finisher. Considering the last few main events, I was surprised to see that no one got managed out of a pinning perdicament.


Dont' forget to catch the last bit of the show.

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I had an RP that went before the match that would explain the RP after the match... thank you and goodnight...

Signature 1 - The Alpha Heel

Signature 2 - Spear 5 (F) - Stargazer


Finisher 1 - Flapjack 2 (F) - The SDW

Finisher 2 - Reality check (G) - Dawonderful Dream


Finisher 3 (i'm cool enoigh to claim 3 moves) - The Darkside - THe Million Dollar Dream

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MADMEN RP:[/color] I thought it was pretty good O_o You try making a positive comment on your own RP without coming off as a self promoting douche. It's harder than it seems.


it's not that hard.



(thats what she said.)


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