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Jacob Trance

James Knight

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The camera focus's on the piece of wood found outside the OCW HQ building, a security guard not quite sure what to make of it had given it to the front reception who took it through to the media office.




Below the wooden board with Jacob's name written in blood was a note, apparently from Jason Knight.


"I love the fact you decided that you didn't want a belt, that you could just say you didn't care about what the belt represents, and that somehow you were better then everyone else...


The fact is that it is people like you that are rotting this business, taking something so pure so amazing such as a wrestling title, and then discarding it like it is nothing...


I don't want the title, that will come in time, I don't want to try and come in to beg for title shots, I just want to teach you a lesson.... Followed by the others on my list....


That is my blood filling the wood where your name was burned, that is my pain, and my pain will carry me through when I beat you six ways from sunday....


You want to test me off camera? You want to make sure I am good enough for this business?


Just call me Mr Innovation....


I CHALLENGE YOU Jacob Trance to a match ON CAMERA live on Riot... In OCW's first ever UNKNOWN MATCH....


I don't want you running to your precious boss trying to cry your little heart out 'cheat cheat cheat' I know thats what you will say, anything to avoid the humiliation of losing to me....


I challenge you to a match live on Riot Jacob Trance, before any testing, MR INNOVATION HAS ARRIVED."


As the booking agent reads this note, people are left wondering who the hell is Jason Knight?

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THE danny williams? :eek:

"Address people randomly interrupting your offense without attempting to reverse, or when they just continue with their own shit, after you reverse them. Especially with corner springboards from getting irish whipped, extremely bad ethics"



~Cuz Porter Says So~

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Ahh, that's who you are! You're that guy that had a no FPR match. Danny Williams, right?


Or Neil Forte... who knows, who cares? Get a gamer tag so we can see if you pass FPR instead of your irritating roleplays.


Who? And Who? If they are kewl, then thats all good, but otherwise noooooo.....


Ohhh and gamertag is SgtMonkey1981 feel free to add, if I don't see you on here, I will catch you whenever your online.

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