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V4 and Riot updates.


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As I mentioned on the Geobox earlier Riot will be posted on Thursday at the usual time. Also in addition to that a brief update, finally got most of the basics for V4 on the ground. At the moment I am in the process of choosing a look, its proving harder than I anticipated as each iteration of OCW has had a distinct look.


From Classic OCW which was White and Blue / Silver

V2 which was Black and Orange / Yellow

V3 which is Black Dark Teal / Chrome


So while I figure out our next iconic look I am working on the backend and experimenting with diff mods. Once that's done the other style related things shall fall into place.


I don't want to spoil most of the surprises but you can expect some old favorites as well as some new features to prop up that you will enjoy.


Right off the back, Multi Quote is in :)


Thanks and Goodnight.

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Yeah! What Kage said! And...


Black and Blue would be a great color scheme. And since when was V2 Black and Yellow? Old age much, Sensation? Black and silverish is what I remember it to be which was hotsauce. Fuck this panzy V3 shit.


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Please avoid dark red and dark blue, gives me headaches.



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