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OCW on the verge of bankruptcy?

Stacy Clark

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News coming out of Online Championship Wrestling Headquarters in New York City last night, confirms that the company has brought in financial Administrators to help work on the Federation's money situation. This news comes at a bad time for OCW, with their biggest held event of the year "Wrestlution V" being just around the corner.


Sources close to the company say that these Administrators will try to cut every corner possible, in order to help keep OCWfed out of the red, this could mean anything from pyro costs to wages for the company's performers. Representatives from OCW had this to say at this mornings press conference:


"After much time considering every possible option to help keep our company afloat, we have decided that bringing in Administrators is the only way we can assure the fans that we will still be here this time next year. Though cut-backs are necessary at this time, we want to promise OCW fans that this will NOT effect any plans put forward in regards to the shows themselves, including Wrestlution V, this matter is based soley on the financial status of the company, and we hope these Administrators will see it as such. More information will be brought forward in the near future, thank you."


Following the press conference, the OCW representatives introduced the Administrators (Richard Clarke & Charles Morgan) brought into the company only 24 hours earlier. Though both men refused to answer almost any of the questions brought forward (simply stating that they wanted to get to work as soon as possible), when asked if this situation would effect the OCW's "Wrestlution V" pay per view, Mr. Morgan had this to say:


"That depends on the expenditure the company plans to splash on this event, if need be, we will shut down the whole show. Hopefully, it won't come to that, and we can all enjoy a fabulous event."


Will these Administrators help OCWfed for the better? Only time will tell.

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well this certainly seems like a random occurrence of events.


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How the hell can OCW be on the verge on bankruptcy when they havent paid any wages in like 4 years! :)


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** Daddy Double A pulls out checkbook and gives Jay a stern look, as to say, "where did you spend the money." Then saves OCW, AGAIN**

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** Daddy Double A pulls out checkbook and gives Jay a stern look, as to say, "where did you spend the money." Then saves OCW, AGAIN**


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