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Riot 2-8-2011

Cash Creed

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The Turn Around Edition






Please use the Mad Michael Morrison Method.


Please try and communicate with each other more.


Please make sure everything is in before the deadline, anything after the deadline won’t be used in future.


Last but not least thank you to everyone who put in the work and did matches. I am going to be posting the Riot Card tomorrow.


A finale will be on the way in 15 minutes time. So if something is missing don’t panic.


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Props to everyone involved.


One faction rises, whilst another goes the way of las negras dodo. The green goblin shows up, we have a Riot without Smythe, Brandon Hostile writes a fanstastic roleplay. Damien Kain is a superheavyweight doing flip bottoms, fix it, shut up, fix it.


Cody Storm and Brandon Hostile are now a team, watch out Cody, he might murder you as you sleep. Still no sign of Nathan Gaines.


APEX, we're here to stay.


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