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Riot 2/23/2012 Card!

Mr.Richard Blood

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Pretty sweet card!!! That ex 3 way should be a cracker although I see it being won with a clothesline. Strange bedfellows tag matches have a habit of creating tag teams though I fesr Cruz would run out of tacos.


Predictions... Id like to see sonesort of no contest from suda and leon due to illuminati, seth or even RD leading to... Valmont/Stevens vs Suda vs Leon to crown a contendor... With Suda or Parker nabbing the win.


The ex 3way... Anyone but Amazing Arnaud, hopefully its Paul Pugh. The guy is a work horse and does the best he can everyweek.


Kale vs Bedlam doesnt really interest me... Whatsoever.



More ABM.violence. Winner is Whitey.


Sleeper match could be Tyro vs KD with some Smythe goodness.


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