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The Dirtsheet 11-26-12


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OCWFED.com presents a round up of the rumored goings on behind the scenes in the World of OCW - Courtesy of hotshot reporter B Will.



- Word is that OCW Management is extremely pleased with the ratings of the resurrected Sunday Night Ambition. Stand out rookies may have a chance to make the Chill Factor pay-per-view card.


- Mike Hollywood is rumored to have not had a match this week due to contract negations which went through at 11:52 on Sunday. Rumors say that OCW sees a bright future for Hollywood, and gave him a $500,000 signing bonus to be paid over the next year. This contract will reportedly make him the highest paid rookie on the roster.


- OCW Management has apparently come to an agreement on a long term contract with Ryu Matsumoto, more commonly known as Spider/Illuminati. Matsumoto was sidelined a few months ago due to personal problems.


- Paul Pugh reportedly financed the color change of the Hardcore Title, claiming that "platinum titles are for black people".


- Tiberius Dupree made TMZ after reportedly being seen at dinner with fellow Canadian Sandra Oh. Both parties denied a romantic relationship.


- Hideto Matsuda was reportedly seen limping after Sunday night's Ambition taping. Hideto, who works as Tigerman VI on the Ambition roster may have tweaked his hamstring after a botched catch from rookie Jake Storm (wrestling as Jordan Rivera).*


- Kelvin D. Angelo, more commonly known at K. D'Angelo, was reportedly in a heated argument with fellow talent Jacob Trance. The two are rumored to have come to blows.


- David Jackson is rumored to have been re-signed due to affirmative action. Jackson, who is apparently 1/8th Native American was signed to meet a quota.


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Do we have to PM that shitty version of IRS again? That motherfucker was the laziest. PM ME IF YOU WANNA GET PAID HUEHUEHUE. How about you watch matches, and then pay the people accordingly you fat white fuck!


How about you eat my cock.


And again, accept your contracts!

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Accept your contracts. No question's asked...
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