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Season 11: A New Hope!


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The timer says 4 weeks.....Anyhow Roster is completed for the most part the foundation is there for adding 2k16 Cuts etc. So far the only bio's I have where taken from the first go round at the roster so only the people who sent in stuff had there 2k15 profiles updated. IE Spider, Matsuda, Bobby. Honorable mention to Parker, I have his Bio but no Art so it sucks for him.


Moving forward I'm going back to the Archives. Truth be told its so time consuming I keep starting and stopping it. But I need to cut the crap and finish it. Lastly I think its about time I advertise so that is what I am going to do. As always comments, suggestions, thoughts please feel free to let me know. Oh wait one more thing!!!!


If you are on the fence about 2k16 then by all means wait. The last thing I want is a gaggle of crying. Wait till its on sale or wait till you see everyone playing it and having fun *maybe* and your by yourself!. I will be purchasing Day One cuz reasons. If you also plan on purchasing Day One let me know so we can work you into the current scheme of things.


And on a final serious note, October 5th? i think 2015 will be our 11 year anniversary. A show isn't planned at the moment. However if the new game turns out to be a gem, I will cook something up for November.


Now if you will excuse me I am funning a rever and I need to lay back down and play destiny by idling in space.



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I'll be getting it, probably around day 1, So I should be able to send you some Parker artwork to go with the bio.

Also going to work on Crowe/CT bios.


As for the next season, I'm 99% sure Cut-Throat and Crowe will be active, but Parker will stay retired [DM's and special occasions only]



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