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Turmoil 307: ReBorn!


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Thought this was one of the best episodes of the season personally. Lots of great action, segments video and written. Great work by the community and let’s keep raising the bar.


Kareem starts off by confusing me a bit as to what his intentions are and who he was talking to in the shower presumably. Will have to wait and see how this portion develops, as I have always been a fan of Kareem content.


AJM and Shianne have good chemistry in these written segments. AJM playing the woman who does things with honor and Shianne the mean girl. Their weird tension but bond over the fact AJM has a match with Sue Plex. EMP potentially being interested in AJM with her association already to Dragana makes this very intriguing to watch unfold.


Owen and Sheldon keep teasing a physical confrontation. I love the fact that both did voice promos. They are both so cool, calm, and collected when talking. Would love to see a little more emotion, but the content and context of the promo was spot on. Aries interruption telling both that they are unworthy of him made sense. Has me wondering where the OCW World Title is going with all these potential challengers Aries has riled up.


Nice quick match between Sue Plex and AJM. Sue took control early unleashing a flurry of offense on AJM to start. However, AJM recovered nicely and about the mid-way point it looked like anyone’s match. AJM ended up taking home the victory in a pretty good match.


Paul Boulet has a fun written segment where Jim Black gets after him quite a bit. The Canadian Exchange rate joke made me laugh. Cameraman intimidation seems really on brand for Paul Boulet. What the former North American Champions next move is, and how he rebounds from losing to Karmine is the next question.


Claude returns after the brick attack at Hard Target, was not a fan of it at the time. With that being stated I did like the promo from tonight addressing the attack and what Claude remembers leading up to it. I would have liked to see more emphasis on the recovery from such a gruesome, frankly criminal attack. Where Claude and C-Note take this from here shall be interesting. FI sitting over the head of C-Note with limited time left to use it.


The continued building of the relationship of Derek Smith, Chance Williams and Bobbi Baddi warms my heart as a viewer each week. This group does it right and they feel like the tightest knit unit in all OCW. Bobbi in her aggressive yet playful attacks on Chance, the back-and-forth ribbing Derek and Chance gave each other over film study all felt very genuine. I want to try some of Bobbi’s magnificent food, who can hook me up?


Mark Reese calling out Anthony Martin was a decent segment. I did like the aching beaver tooth reference it made him feel as country as I perceive him to be. A Mart playing the role of the tough guy is an interesting departure from earlier this season. I think most fans would see his threats as hollow and they are looking for conclusions. Reese offers conclusions by telling Martin they will meet in a steel cage on Riot 614. Let’s see if GSS can get involved on Martin’s behalf or if he gets fed to the corn-fed country boy Mark Reese.


The Cockbyrne’s are letting us in on a well-kept secret up until now. Their long-storied lineage in the wrestling business. Some might even call the Cockbyrne’s the first family of wrestling with all that they have given to the sport. The back and forth between the brothers is witty, different, and extremely funny. Recounting the time they lost the Southern Tag Titles and Stuart asking about how stunning he looks. I want more Cockbyrne on my screen every week.


Ryvaughn vs Derek was a bit surprising for me. I thought Ryvaughn held the advantage for much of the match. The match was ran quite long for these big men and in the end Ryvaughn downed Derek in their one on one rematch of the previous tag team number one contenders match. I am a fan of both wrestlers movesets for the most part. I think Ryvaughn could have a better finisher for him but good work to all involved.


Cody Hagen is in the hospital room of Furiosa who is still recovering from the events of Hard Target. Cody clearly feels a connection to Furiosa as he mentions how he feels their paths are so alike. I wish Cody provided a little more context to the things he says about relationships, success, and failures on his end. Cody professing his respect and admiration for Furiosa despite his disdain for Kasstianity is interesting. I feel like he is on this arc of trying to save Heather. Cody slyly getting the nurse to take him out was interesting and I want to know if more will come of that.


Marissa slaps the absolute shit out of Belle when Belle goes to approach her from behind. Claiming she is paranoid about House of Faith. Ashley and Flojo show up on the scene, with some back and forth. Flojo threatens to slam Belle’s head into the mat. Marissa walks off and I believe it was a simple yet effective segment for some interaction between these ladies. I am really wondering what Flojo has planned for that FI.


Paul Boulet and C-Note have an encounter prior to their match. They trade insults, the Side Show Bob quip popped me hard here. I also personally love him being told DNS ran him out of Ambition. I think I need a Loc Challenge with C-Note in the future. These two wrote a very nice piece that hyped up a match later on the card. Really appreciate the effort when people go the extra mile to promote the matches, they are booked in.


Screaming man makes an appearance. Harper and Dragana make their way to Kassidy Hayes, in search of answers for these messages they have been getting. Kass hitting the Dragana heart eyes was cool. Kass is hinting at a transformation, and I am here for it.


Kingu is called the to COO’s office after his ruthless assault on Jake Allen. Drago seems upset Jake specifically was attacked. I love the Spider texting about Kingu’s legacy line. Drago hits Kingu with the indefinite suspension. He leaves it like he is going to do something else to Jake. I want to see what more this angle is going to provide.


Parca and Bishop doing some team building with Dennis to smooth over what seems to a cold relationship between his two clients. They intended to handle the DNS issue after Luis and his previous partner Cody Hagen failed to do so. Bishop is the more trusting of the two and Parca seems to be upset with Dennis for blindsiding him with Bishop. However, it seems things are good at the end as Parca jokes about Dennis and his ass being on the line. Amazing story telling and character building.


Paul Boulet vs C-Note was a fun match, with Boulet started by stretching his opponent early. Match was back and forth early on, C-Note took a decisive advantage a few minutes in. Boulet battled back but the outcome was never really much in doubt. I love Boulet’s heel ring psychology, the stuff he does seems to have a purpose. Great win by C-Note and I want to see where the French Canadian goes from here.


Enjoyed the Grit & Glory / Future Idiots segment. Derek going after John for having fun was interesting. They harken back to their GOAT Academy days and the things get ugly as stones about the demise of GOAT Academy are thrown. Ready to see these two teams go to war.


Rust comes out and cuts a scathing hot promo on H20 and how he does not live up to Quartz. Aries interrupts him surprisingly and lays down the challenge. Aries vs Rust at Animol House for the OCW World Championship. Aries is trying to topple former champions as he looks towards the legacy of his title reign and what it will mean long term.


EMP has returned! Finally freed from that hell hole jail. Love the idea of EMP being totally ignored and the rest of the team going on business as usual. The blocked jokes and EMP cussing out Tibby at the end and kicking Spider in the face was on brand. Welcome back EMP.


Uh apparently Karmine wants him some of DNS after Mad Dawg broke up his title match with Aisu. BASH name drop was interesting. I felt like I was watching this on video when I read it. Can’t overstate how excellent the writing was here. Being blunt I am not sure Karmine is ready for that DNS or BASH smoke.


These Deobrah segments are amazing. She is tearing the down the rest of the women’s division in a way that is hilarious and uplifting to the overall the stature of the title she carries. They have been really funny and the disgust Deborah shows with Belle and Ashley when they come out to hype up their match on Riot. Good segment overall.


Kingu appears to challenge Jake Allen to a match at the anniversary show. Nice presentation, and totally unique.


H20 calls out Doc and seems real bitter in the process of doing so. Doc does answer the call and questions his former teammates actions. Quartz interjects and gives this whole speech about how much he respects Doc before the double cross ensues and double super kicks follow. I like the idea of H20 and Doc again, Doc beat him up good at Lution in that Hell in a Cell match. I hope we get this match.


Aries lost his title. Which of his many potential challengers stole it? Was it someone in GSS potentially? Aries is clearly freaked out, if I had to put my money on someone it would be Rust. We will have to wait and see on Riot this week if we are to learn more.


Great main event, Telos brought his A game, but Horse was able to adapt and overcome the big man. The double horse stomps are such a cool unique thing to him, just a finisher that seems to stack so well. Telos seems like he is on the cusp of doing huge things in OCW. Speaking of huge things in OCW I think it is high time Aries introduced another challenger to his mix. The Last Blacksmith.


Thank you for reading all of this, and keep up the amazing work!

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Have to agree with Jimbo. I'd argue it was the best show of the year TV wise. Just a complete package that didn't overstay. Everything lined up.


I've been very impressed with the storytelling leading into AH2 & Anny being right around the corner. If this is just a result of folks not being sure how to build multiple angles at once, you could have fooled me because it has been great.


Short notes from me - the matches kicked huge ass here. Sue vs AJM, Telos vs Blacksmith and the MEATTACULAR Derek vs RyVaughn. Very few FPR issues on this show. DNS' presence is settling into a nice middleground and I did enjoy the tag match, it was just sandwiched between so many hits.


Anyone that was in the VP knows how on edge I was the entire OWEN/Sheldon segment. That motherfucker LIAM continues to lure me into a false sense of "oh okay it's over now" before knocking a homerun out the park with this stories. From his return to fight Aries to this, it just makes too much sense.


RP Wise, I was worried this one would lack but man was I wrong. Agreed with Jim that the Grit n Glory dynamic has long been one of my favorites and I'm glad they're getting their big moment.


That combined with Boulet and C-Note, Empress returning in a hilarious segment, Kingu's bullshit (loved the manga presentation), Cody getting involved more deeply, and Aries championship being taken in RP formats, these aren't small things and it warms my cold black heart to see this medium being used just as importantly as the video format.


I wanted to do a full show review and have been feeling bad I didn't get around to it (didn't even get to read the show til Monday), but we're all doing our best. Jim's a treasure we don't deserve.


Keep up the good work, bitches. Big things continuing to pop.

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President and leading member of the Paul Pugh Fan Club. We love KidEgo


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