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Doctor's orders


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*Scene opens with Parker sat on a chair in a doctors surgery*


Parker-You see that doc *Parker holds his hand out with the palm facing the floor* I can't stop it shaking, I can't control it,it comes and goes,but its getting worse.


Doctor-I see what you mean,that's definitley not a good sign....we have the results back from your C.A.T scan,would you like to see them.


Parker-That's what i'm here for doc,fix me up.


Doctor-Well,it seems that the numerous chair shots you have recieved over the last few months have resulted in abnormal swelling in the left side of your brain,that's what's causing the headaches and temporary loses of sight in your left eye.


Parker-Err...that doesn't sound good....


Doctor-It's not,basically the next severe head trauma you recieve could result in permenant brain damage or paralysis.


Parker-Holy crap! So what's the cure? or what would you advise me to do?


Doctor-From a medical point of view...your not going to like this,but I would retire from professional wrestling.


Parker-What!!!! Are you crazy? wrestling is my life,how the hell am i supposed to just walk away?


Doctor-Thats just my advise...the decision is yours,but think of it like this, are you willing to risk EVERYTHING just for the rush? Wrestlers don't have the longest career expectancy anyway due to the risks you guys take,but you have to understand Mr.Stevens,the next chair shot you recieve could put you in a wheel chair,you could never walk again,play football with your son in the park,or do any of the things that you take for granted at this very moment.


Parker-Wow..when you put it like that,it kind of puts everything into perspective,but this is a huge decision,i gotta think about this.Its all happening too fast,I thought you'd just give me some more pills or something.


*A few days pass and Parker returns to the doctors surgery*


Parker-Ok doc,i have thought long and hard about this,but if this is what i gotta do,then this is what i gotta do,i'll sign that form...its official,Parker Stevens is hangin' his boots up.


*Scene fades as Parker flips his phone open and scrolls down to Mr.Sensations number and hits dial*


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say it ain't soo Pee Stee...

say it ain't soo....

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Now i don't know if this has anything to do with the hardcore title scenario but i really advice against you getting rid of Stevens.


Personally yeah dropping the title at Lution was a bad decision but whats done is done. Just keep in mind people make mistakes sometimes, were all human and hell we learn from are mistakes too.


Not saying this is the reason you are doing this but if it is i wouldn't let it make you give up on him. Just learn from it and carry on with what your doing.


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I hope you have the RROD or have run out of time or something because if you're planning to bring in a new character you're even more stupid than I thought.



[23:39] locoNY911: You get solace in the fact you arent a fuck up.


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[18:40] locoNY911: I mostly aggree with your statements

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Shoulda let me deliver the finishing chair shot. Woulda been glad to put you outta your misery


Seriously though you shouldn't retire



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