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Immediately following Riot

Nathan Gaines

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**The Scene opens up in the I-Gen locker room with a shot of Carlos Cruz. Cruz is seen in a maid's outfit dusting the various furniture that's located in the room and is humming a long as he works. In the background is Gaines who is seated at the bar watching the Lakers-Celtics game. Off to the side of Gaines is Valmont, who is sitting at the edge of the bar looking at his hardcore title and muttering incoherently as he clinches his fist. As Gaines and Valmont watch the game they see the Kobe hit a shot and both yell out explicitives. Just as they do King James walks into the locker room**


King: Why in the world of small fingered bitches are you dressed up as Sveltlana cleaning our shit?


Cruz: Aye papi you scared me there. Well since I haven't gotten my official visa my contract bonuses haven't kicked in, and since you guys pay for my plane tickets and hotel accomedations, Gaines said I should pull my weight. I thought I'd clean.


King: And the outfit?


Cruz: Deano's idea but I have to say the breeze is remarkable


Gaines: Cruzy who's there?


Kang: It's the leader of the Innovation of the Got Damn Nation.


Gaines grumbles as he sips his whisky sour


Valmont: I swear when those painted little clowns decide to get into the ring with me, it's all over.


King: Valmont you talkin to yourself again?


Valmont: Kang you know how bad I want those guys. I just can't wait around for the fight to be brought to me, that ain't my style


**Just then Deano walks in, after being at the trainer getting the post match examination**


Deano: Ahh well look who it is. You gotta get here earlier man. The shows just ending


King: I had to take care of some stuff, but you're right everytime I show up late your ass losses


Deano: Jackass


King: Good to see you too.


Deano: Hey Gainesy pop me open a brew, and get one for King.


Gaines: James can get his own damn beer


Deano: Seriously you're still pullin' that crap?


King: Let it slide Deano


Deano: Hell no. You're better than that Gaines. This ain't you at all. Hell how bout when you left me high and dry in June before the S.E.X match. I went out there on my own. I was pissed, but I forgave you.


Gaines: Yeah but I never forgot who I was


King: What the hell are you talkin about Midget Mack?


**Gaines slides up out of his bar chair and walks over to King. Deano looks at the two and walks over to Valmont who is now looking directly at the two of the stronger personalities of I-Gen**


Gaines: What am I talking about? You're the leader of I-Gen right?


King: Got damn right


Gaines: You're the leader of those people out there right?


King: Hell yeah!


Gaines: You're the man who took on legends Majin and Kage without even thinkin twice right?


King: You better believe it


Gaines: You're a 2x International Champion and 1x Hardcore champion right?


King: A king must have gold


Gaines: Well then how come you forgot all of that three months ago when you tucked your tail between your legs and showed how big of a bitch you really are? You want to pretend that nothing happened? You wanna re-establish your leadership as the captain of the best god damn faction this company has ever seen? You want me to respect you again? Why don't you drop the silence, stop walkin' on egg shells and start being the loud mouth punk you used to be. Why don't you start whoopin some Molly ass and take back the leadership of those people out there. Tonight Nate Ortiz was right, there are no more heroes, no more white knights riding in on horses to save OCW. There is no leader, and in the absence of leadership people will listen to anyone. The masses don't drink the sand because they're thirsty Kang, they drink it because they don't know the difference. Each week these people see Smythe DaWonder, and Leonheart and everyone else who strolls down that rampway with a microphone in their hand, and an ego the size of a planet, proclaim the way things should be. These people yearn for someone with heart, someone with passion, someone who's not gonna get beat down and walk away. These people need a leader. You wanna make things right between us? You walk out there on Turmoil and show me who you really are.


**With that Gaines blows past Kang and slams the locker room door, as Kang slowly nods. Deano and Valmont who have been captivated by Kang and Gaines, just look down, and Cruz, who is still standing in his french maid outfit, looks wide eyed, amazed at what has just happened**

LocoNY911: I hate you with every fiber of my being just looking at your name makes me want to strike my monitor

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who is king?


is it









The NoHomo Club


Justin Rox

Smythe D. Wonder x2 (3rd times a charm)



Deano Horse (Given and Taken)


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Thank you Guy for the input...I just didn't want the thread to get spammed with pictures of various Kings. Well when Kang came back he did the whole RP where he wanted to be called King. It will all make sense on Turmoil I promise.


And thank you again for the input

LocoNY911: I hate you with every fiber of my being just looking at your name makes me want to strike my monitor

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Look Kip and Rox if you're gonna spam this with pictures just go to the Real life picture thread or something in there and do it cause I'd appriciate you not spam the Promo room stuff with shit like that

LocoNY911: I hate you with every fiber of my being just looking at your name makes me want to strike my monitor

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