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The Reason Feb Sucks.


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Although 80% of people are aware well in advance of there R2G matches. There is a slight change. So im looking over the calender and notice that R2G is for the 22nd. I think hey it should be the 29th. And then I realize there is no 29th in fucking feb.


So instead R2G will be the same VENUE, but it will be March 1st. Giving you guys plenty of time for your matches, and plenty of time for the Official card.

In the future you can use THIS TO GIVE YOUR A GUIDELINE and as always if there are any changes I will do my best to keep you dudes in the loop.



 15-06, 18:20 Tiberius Dupree make him tap with brownie mix


"Booking Wrestling is the most thankless no-win position anyone could ever be in. When things go well it's the talent that makes it work. When they go badly, it's because the Booker doesn't know what he's doing." - Eric Bischoff


Jookie: what website do we upload to againi for got

Our Hero: uploadafraud.com

Jookie: fuck u boricua


"I'm like Smythe, except Good" - Matsuda


OCW works best when it’s a melting pot of different ideas and opinions coming together to create some cool ass shit. It’s at its worst when people are only invested in their own/their pals’ content." - Paul Pugh

"I'm 5,9" - Ry

"I'm sorry if this sounds mean but OCW shouldn't be allowed to vote" - Jake Allen

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Nick Kage? What the fuck?



Dane Xavier: Cyber Bullying is not only illegal, it's pathetic.


‘Because I’m so well dressed, people think “He must be gay. Look at his haircut, he must be gay. Look how sensitive and vulnerable he is, he must be gay.” That means women feel safe around me. They trust me. Then bang! Pregnant! Bang! Pregnant! Bang! Pregnant! Another generation. We continue.’

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do i smell another hug riot?




for you karim.

"When you're pushed... Killing is as easy as breathing!"






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