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Riot 9.09.09

Alex Robinson

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The new school can hang with the old school and overcome them


I don't normally use the same pictures or quotes, but in this case it has to be done.




That is all


EDIT: Show was Hotsauce and I mark for Frosty. Vinnie has grow a huge set and I mark for that, too. Keep it up, pimps.


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Versus: "nobody, and I mean NOBODY speaks to the audience LIVE next week on Raw"


To high to realise what show we're on V-Man? No biggie braugh, I'm down with that shizzle.


A good show this week, short yes, but the few storylines active at the moment are being built up nicley, and next week should be interesting to say the least, with the stipulation put in place.


Keep it up you wrasslers.

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Yeah it was a short but good show.Vasqez and Cruz definetly had MotN you two ,two thumbs up.Way to go again guys for always putting the effort in.



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